Friday, August 19, 2005

My first post-surgery practice...

...if you can call it that...

It consisted of me in Samasthiti chanting the invocation. Then, me in Samasthiti on the floor for about 10 breaths. Then me raising my arms over my head for about one breath (OUCH!). Then me in Supta Baddha Konasana for about 10 breaths. Then me trying to raise my arms over my head again....and being a bit more gentle this time, interlocking my fingers and turning my palms away from one another.

Then...I carefully place my hands under my lower back and walked my legs up to shoulderstand. I know that sounds extreme - but my back has been in flexion for 10 days now, and it feels GOOD to be in any pose that brings my chest toward my chin. I tried to get down to Halasana, but could manage maybe one breath there. Then I turned over and tried sphynx pose...ouch...and switched to baby cobra instead. That actually felt fine, so fine that I pressed up to what might have looked like an Upward Facing Dog but wasn't....

Lesson in Satya: I was able to totally FAKE an Upward Facing Dog, but my shoulders were practically glued to my chest. It may have LOOKED like an Updog, but it definitely wasn't. And what good is that going to do?

Then I turned over and lay down to rest in Savasana. Not sure how much time passed there. But it felt damn good.

Not a classic Ashtanga practice - but it was something, and afterwards, when I sneezed, I could feel that I had strained my abdominal muscles a bit. So, time to back off for a bit. Until Sunday...

At least now I won't feel weird walking into the shala...


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