Thursday, August 04, 2005

A reminder

I really enjoy blogging, and I really enjoy your commentary - even when I don't exactly agree with the comments, I can learn a lot, and it's really cool to communicate with people I wouldn't otherwise meet or get to know.

But please, while I enjoy snarkiness, but I won't accept or respond to nastiness.

Good rule of thumb: if you wouldn't say it to someone's face, then you probably shouldn't be saying it here.





Beryl said...


I really enjoy your blog. I am a NY ashtangi as well. Don't worry too much about one teacher.
Try to practice 6 days a week with people that are on the same page (traditional mysore practice--I can think of FOUR wonderful places to do that in NYC) and let the practice unfold.

Everything will fall into place.

yoga chickie said...

Thanks for that....

So, are AYS, AYNY, YS and SYS the 4? I was pretty excited to hear that YS is having a half led primary daily at lunchtime starting in the fall (with Erika Hildebrandt, Christopher's sister).

Beryl said...

Erika Hildebrandt is an absolutely amazing teacher.

She is --what I call--the real deal:)

And yes--SYS is the fourth. A wonderful wonderful place. That is where I practice.


yoga chickie said...

I've heard she is wonderful from others as well.

I had completely forgotten about SYS. Is it possible to drop in there if I want to check it out?

Anonymous said...

I can't believe that people would write nasty comments to you on your blog! What is the point? If they want to go back and forth on the EZboard that's one thing, but this is YOUR blog.

Yes, most of the posts I've seen are nice, but you are correct, if you wouldn't say to someone's face, it is entirely inappropriate to write it here!

Second, I don't know the what all the initials mean AYS, AYNY, YS and SYS. AYS is Guys' place, but the other one's I don't know. Please help.


Anonymous said...

AYNY = Ashtanga Yoga New York (Eddie's)

YS = Yoga Sutra (Christopher's)

SYS = (Shiva Yoga Shala) (Patti's)

yoga chickie said...

Thanks guys...:) Lauren

P.S. Who is Patti? I stopped by SYS today, and it was their moonday, so I couldn't speak to anyone, althought he studio is GORGEOUS and warm.

Anonymous said...

Patti Perez - its her shala. I think she's about due to give birth, or maybe already has, so she's not been around lately.
She's great though.

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