Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Taking it easy today...

Yesterday, I felt alarmingly swollen. I called my doctor, and his assistant told me it is totally normal to have a lot of swelling following all of the work that I had done (muscle repair, creation of a new belly button, stretching of skin, internal and external incisions and stitches). She said that this was particularly true with a patient as small as me (only 5 foot 1 inch). However, when I told her how much walking I have been doing out here, she said that she couldn't even imagine how I was able to go about my regular daily activities, let alone walking all over this Island. Many people at two weeks post-abdominoplasty are still walking with the aid of a walker, or simply not leaving their houses at all. So, I guess for now it doesn't matter how good I feel. I really want the swelling to go down. I have an appointment with my doctor for a week from yesterday, and I would like him to not have to drain any fluids from my abdomen (with a hypodermic needle...ouh). So, I am going to as much as possible be sitting today, with my feet up. Now, to get the Husband and kids on board with that....



Anonymous said...

Oh Lauren, please try to take it easy! Relax, you're on vacation.


yoga chickie said...

Thanks Beth!! I spoke to Michelle today - she said you weren't at class...I hope you are not injured and that I will get to see you next Tuesday...Lauren

Anonymous said...

Yes, I missed class this week and I was really bummed about it, it was just poor scheduling on my part. I will be there next week.

How are you feeling today?


yoga chickie said...

I feel good, but still have swelling in my upper abdomen. I am pretty sure it is a "seroma" (collection of lymph fluid that got stuck between scar tissue), and I will probably have to have it aspirated when I get home. BLECH. Are you going to practice before I see you? Try to get some stretching will feel great!!


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