Monday, May 29, 2006

Where art thou

...Time Warner City Cable?

Both have been out of service subtantially all weekend...I am at a loss. I am being forced to interact with...actual, live people....perish the thought...



samasthiti said...

Me too. What the hell?
What do I say? What kind of gesture do I make?

yoga chickie said...

I couldn't tell ya...I fear that when I try to speak, my voice will crack. And I will be unconsciously typing with my fingers as I try to talk.

samasthiti said...

My lips are starting to move when I read...

Jody said...

cool hair susan!

Gx said...

Ohhhhh I thoight it was just me and this nasty internet cafe !!!

samasthiti said...

Thanks Jody!

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