Tuesday, May 30, 2006

When life gives you lemons,

make lemonade...

And so here is the definitive Yoga Chickie recipe for making homemade lemonade:

Have onhand a large quantity (at least 10) large, organic lemons because you are going to drink this as fast as you're going to be making it. For each 8 oz glass, use one large lemon. Cut the lemon in half. Then slice several times into each half in order to get the juices flowing. Then squeeze each half right into a pitcher, allowing the seeds and pulp to go in with the juice. Throw in some ice cubes and water to equal 8 oz per whole lemon, then throw in some of the empty lemon rinds. Cover the pitcher and shake well. Strain into glasses. Sweeten to taste. YUM.

Self-practice is getting kind of old. I think I will head down to Shala X tomorrow morning. Is it wrong to bring a change of clothing, to change halfway through practice? I was seriously sweating BUCKETS today in my home practice and actually changed into fresh clothes right before Mari D....is that bad?



Anonymous said...

Bad according to whom??

samasthiti said...

I find the sweat makes me stick in poses longer.
I don't have enough yoga clothes to make that a habit anyway!

yoga chickie said...

No, I am talking watery, drippy sweat, not merely a light perspiring. I am talking sweat that you can wring out of your clothes in a stream....that's what I get for practicing without air conditioning.

samasthiti said...

I see what you mean.
We don't have that kinda heat here.
65 degrees. Partially cloudy.
What the heck did you wear to Bikram?!

yoga chickie said...

At Bikram, I wear short shorts and a bra. It doesn't matter how slippery you get in Bikram - there is no binding.

Vanessa said...

I wouldn't. I am easily distracted and if I went out of the room and got changed, it would totally kill the meditative aspect of my practice. It's bad enough when I take a pee break!

I would suggest maybe buying some running clothes? I hear they are made with materials that don't hold on to the sweat (as cotton does). I'm asuming you already take a small towel with you into the room.

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