Tuesday, May 23, 2006

4 seconds

That was how long Sir had my hands BOUND IN SUPTA K today!!!!!!!!!!

And I seemingly got a pat on the head, or the back, don't remember which.

The key to progress in Supta K is, apparently, to ignore it and focus on the poses that come before it.

The constant refrain.

Beyond wrists in Mari A today. Barely wrists in B and C. A nice good hand clasp in D. Vinyasas, not so stellar after Purvotanasana, but then, asanas are the thang right now. Someday it will all come together, or it will seem to, until I look back at some later point and realize that it wasn't actually together at all, but NOW it is....

Spent the rest of the afternoon in what felt like a trip to the Dharma Initiative (Lost fans will know), subjected, as I was, to all measure of cognitive testing.

Dr. R: "Repeat after me: 1 3 8 5 7 4 9".........."Okay, now backwards"........."OK, now every other number"....."Okay, now what was the name of the fisherman in that story I told you back about an hour ago?"........."Okay, so let's say it takes eight machines to do the job in 6 hours, and 96 machines to do the job in a half hour, how much wood CAN a woodchuck chuck, would you say?"............

Me: drooooooooool

I got yelled at for checking my written work over before handing it back to her, and she even took away my eraser at one point.

Why did I subject myself to this? Because my insurance company told me I had to. Your tax dollars at work. Or your insurance premiums, at least. Who IS this shrink who gets paid by insurance companies to disprove the disability claims of people who've suffered enough?





samasthiti said...

See supta K is on the way.

Julie said...

YC - I think you should really order Gregor's new book... I thought of you when I read the passages on the Maris and Supta K. He does a nice explanation of why they are in the sequence they are in, why they are important to be learned in order and with patience... and all the muscle stuff involved. 8limbs.com I think you'd really find value in the book.

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