Monday, May 22, 2006

Touching down

Banner day: I touched my own hands down on the ground in Prasarita Padotannasana C!!! Hooray for me!!! This is such a milestone for me, and so key to gaining rotator cuff mobility. I actually did it at home yesterday too, but I didn't mention it because I felt like perhaps it was a fluke, or perhaps it was simply a function of being in the comfort of my own home (if you couldn't tell, I am one of those people who has better home practices than shala practices, but I go to the shala because I think it will help me to improve my practice overall). But it seems to have stuck! Oooooh, the way it feels to touch ground with pinky fingers over my head......Ahhh.

And thanks to Jody's(subliminal?) suggestion, I jumped into every standing posture....I am such a sucker for a challenge. It felt good, by the way.

Overall, practice was delicious today. I wish I could figure out why some days are just so sweet. I was all about the asanas today. I had absolutely no idea what was going on around me, who was there, who was doing what. I did every vinyassa (always do), but I didn't focus on them in terms of "how am I doing at these", but rather as a way of neutralizing my spine between postures.

I am so glad that I asked Sir about what postures prepare one for Supta K. When he said that it was the Marichyasanas and that ordinarily a student is deeper in the Marichyasanas (than me) before moving onto Supta K, instead of getting paranoid about it, I decided to "feast" on the Marichyasanas. And let me just say, I feel nourished. No more rushing through them to get to the fancy and enticing, but ultimately, unsatisfying Supta K. Someday, I hope that Supta K can "fill me up". But right now, not so much. And so, I am once again enjoying my journey. My sole complaint, and it's a small one, is that in C's desire to really help me to get deeper into the Marichyasanas, I end up feeling rushed to get into the postures. Sometimes she comes up to me and moves me into them, without giving me a chance to do so myself. I have this desire to pout, like a toddler, "NO! I DO IT BY SELF!" But I figure that this is also part of my journey, one of the challenges, and ultimately, it's being done for a reason. If I was going to get into every pose by myself, I could just do it at home. So, I let it happen, and I end up deeper in the poses for it. So my complaint is not exactly a complaint. More an acknowledgement of one of my inner struggles....

And there you have it.

I just want to add that I am wearing a FREAKIN' WINTER COAT today. It is May 21. And I am wearing a down jacket. It is bright and sunny, yes, but it is brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr very cold out.



Jody said...

thanks for the shout out!

Its kinda nice to hop around actually, it not so gay afterall! ; )

Tiffersll said...

Congrats on Prasarita C!!! That's awesome...I remember when I first touched down, I got so excited, it made for a kick ass rest of practice...and if you enjoy kurmasana, you'll love supta k soon enough. Although, I hate kurmasana and I can't say I think much of supta k far as binding? I don't remember last if you said you were binding on your own or not? If not, this is what helped me: In kurmasana, get your knees as high up near your shoulders as possible. Like you're almost going to do tittibhasana and then sit down and pull your arms out into kurmasana. You should hopefully be closer to linking your hands in supta k. :-)

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