Wednesday, May 17, 2006

The Lost Diet

Not a bad idea really: mangos, papayas, guava, home-grown herbs, freshly grilled freshly caught fish, coconut meat, coconut water, spring water, the occasional black coffee, the occasional alcoholic beverage in airplane-bottle-sized portions, the occasional (air-lifted) snack-food drop (Dharma Mac and Cheese, Dharma-O's, Dharma Milano's, etc....).

No wonder these Lostaways look so damn good (even Hurley, pictured above, seems to have lost some of those man-boobs, despite occasional binges on Dharma Ranch Dressing).

Excellent episode tonight, by the way. Harold Perrineau is one good actor, as is Josh Hotaway, I mean Holloway. In fact, there's really no slouches on this show. And unlike Grey's Anatomy, character flaws in main characters are not intended to ingratiate us to them or to satisfy our baser desires. They challenge us to see them in a new and ugly light.

On other topics, I spent a whole lot of time today feeling sorry for myself, bemoaning the fact that I can't seem to get my shoulders to rotate freely in any direction and that when I AM able to get some movement, it is only with a whole lotta heat and repetition, staring grumpily at my swollen knuckles (Seriously - I now wear a size 7 1/2 ring! That is not normal for someone of my petite size. Is this arthritis? Seriously. My grandmother had gnarled knuckles, and my mom's are not really dainty either....I have always assumed that this is arthritis, but I sure as hell don't want to go beating down that door since I have a whole shipload of doctors who call me a patient and I really, really, really don't want to add another....), "feeling" fat when I weigh exactly what I weighed last week and the week before, when I was happy with my weight (and sadly, the Husband is of no help in this area, since he is "manorexic", by which I mean that he worships at the temple of Skinny, and no matter what I weigh, I could always weigh less, according to him). In addition, I'm pissed off that I have to take so many drugs each day and endure their f--ing side effects (hello, joint pain!! at least as it plays out for me, what with the yoga and the healthy lifestyle, it is not so much pain as it is stiffnes that makes me walk hunched over when I get up from a chair and that makes me limp if I sit too long with one leg bent) and that I still need some minor reconstructive surgery.

Jeeeez. Do I hear myself??? So shallow. So lame. I'm alive, I'm feeling well. I'm heading into my fifth year of survival. Which sort of explains a lot, I guess. The further away you get from the fire, the easier it is to forget the burn and focus on the minutia.

So, let's not be beating up Yoga Chickie. And that includes you, Yoga Chickie. Sometimes you just need a reality check. Nothing to be ashamed of.

Talking (chatting, really) with Sergio this afternoon seemed to help. It was like a mini-therapy session (thanks!). Ultimately, he helped me to see that it's better for me to focus on the postures that I HAVE some movement in, and some success with: the Marichyasanas, especially given that Sir told me that these are the keys to Supta K for me. Instead of trying to "get" Supta Kurmasana, just "do" Supta K, treat it like the fact that I am able to include it in my practice at all as a GIFT! And in the meanwhile, work on the Marichyasanas, go back to letting those be a major focus. It makes so much sense.

So, tomorrow, I FEAST on Marichyasana A, B, C and D. And then dessert will be Bhuja and Supta K. And Navasana? It shall serve to cleanse the pallet.



Sergio said...

Huh! I'm flattered! Glad to know I helped! Chapter two of my soon-to-be-published therapy book already sent to your email box XD

Gregg Newsom said...

I'm not much of a TV person... have yet to see this Lost program you speak of.

As for beating one's self up, screw that! I am truly enjoying the lack of seriousity I've embraced lately and that being hard on yourself routine just doesn't pay off in the long run. In fact, I'm enjoying throwing these nana peals out in front of myself.

I love that fact that I can't get into every asana properly! It’d be really really boring if I could.

Yoga Chickie Rocks!
Feast away! ~G

yoga chickie said...

Thanks G-man. My new outrageously expensive sunglasses just arrived yesterday, and they totally rock. I would throw a benefit for them too, only now that would be so derivative...

You are right that life should include more fun, and it is just plain sad that anyone has sent you hate mail (!!!) over your hysterical and obviously ironic sunglasses drive. I love finding the absurd in life. Perfection is kind of boring, or so I hear. But it would be nice to feel my feet on my head someday, my hands clasping over my turtle-back....

Ah, dreams.

Anonymous said...

its scary to hear that your husband thinks you could be skinnier. if you were any skinnier you would look like you were 12. but maybe he's into that? thats really depressing

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