Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Diagnosis: Sharketh Jumpeth

OK, well, there's one series I won't be coming back to in the fall. Spoiler alert here, people. If you haven't seen the final episodes of Grey's Anatomy yet and you don't want to be "surprised" (as if), then stop reading now.

Some filler goes here to keep you from seeing the big "suprise" in your peripheral vision. Practice was fabulous today. Everything that was supposed to move and release did. On a good day like today, if you practice near me, you'll hear what sounds like popcorn popping coming form my fingers, my wrists, my feet, my ankles and especially my spine, especially when I twist. Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. It's all good. VERY good. Supta K is, of course, no closer, but I just know that someday...someday....

Anyway, McDreamy is a McAdulterer, and Meredith is a selfish little bitch. Destiny schmestiny; the two of them have a choice, you know. If he doesn't love his wife, and he can't make the marriage work, then he should be honest with his wife and make plans to leave. Until then, he's just a weak man with a very low integrity score. I mean, he couldn't keep his pants on at the hospital prom??? With his wife in the other room? And Meredith couldn't resist him? With Handsome McVettie waiting for her, telling her that she makes him want to make plans...for his life? Is the only person on this show with any integrity George O'Malley, who genuinely seems to like Callie, and who isn't going to run away from the relationship just because she's a bit more enthusiastic about the relationship than him?

Last night's double episode/season finale had a clear theme running through it, and that is that if you get to be loved, even once in your life, then you can die happy. Denny - he died happy. The 17-year old with cancer - she can die happy, as she told her uncle, the Chief. The Chief - he will die happy. The dog died happy, for chrissakes. So, why couldn't Meredith and Derek just leave it alone, knowing they were loved?

During the time that they loved each other, without acting on it, you could look at them as star-crossed lovers. You could sympathize with their plight. You might even be able to relate to them, thinking back to the one who got away, the one person out there who, well, if only....

But once they went down the rabbit hole with each other, what was noble becomes defiled. Something that could have been achingly beautiful becomes dirty and ugly. A relationship that seemed special becomes mundane - just another cheating spouse story.

In the final moment of the season, we have Meredith, standing in a triangle with Derek and Finn, each of them calling her name. Addison is somewhere in the room, presumably. If Derek is going to leave Addison for Meredith, is that really the time, place and manner in which to do it? After a furtive quickie with Meredith down the hall? With Addison in the room? If Meredith is going to be with Derek, did it have to be in that moment, with Finn standing right there?

Interestingly enough (at least to me), it is not just what happens on the television that has turned me off to Grey's Anatomy. It is also what is written on what the show's writers try to pass off as a writer's blog (I say "pass off" because all of the entries are written in the exact same voice, despite that they are all supposed to be written by different writers). On this blog, the writers talk excitedly about what is going to happen between "Mer and Der" and how they JUST KNOW (!!) that the fans want Mer and Der to get together. And maybe it's true. Maybe this is what most of the fans wanted. But I didn't.

It's gross. I don't need my television protagonists to be perfect. I enjoy them being flawed. But not so flawed that they become unlikeable. Like "Mer and Der", Grey's Anatomy went too far this time. In my opinion.

And yeah, cousin D, got your email, and yeah, I think I am....



Anonymous said...

Oy, don't get me started on that show. The writer's of the medical stories are complete idiots. That #$%! doesn't happen in a hospital. As a registered nurse I find it absolutely insulting to our intelligence. However, I am still drawn to the drama of it all and I look forward to see what happens each week. Last nights was particularly ridiculous from a medical stand point. That girl would be going to jail, JAIL! Everyone else would be thrown out of the program as well but then we wouldn't have a show now would we.

I had to explain to my kids while we were watching desperate houswives that people don't go around burning other peoples houses down. Those people also go to jail.


yoga chickie said...

If you really want to be offended, then read the nurse's blog on the writer's blog website. It's called "Seattle Grace Gossip" or some such, and it's "Nurse Susan" talking about everyone's sex life. It is sooooo offensive.

As for Desperate, I don't even find it entertaining - thank goodness! Now my Sunday nights will be free!


Anonymous said...

while i guess i'd agree that 'mcdreamy' and 'mer' are dopey and annoying, i didn't have as strong a reaction to (that aspect of) the finale as you did. maybe because it was so obvious that that was going to happen, because the show kept stringing us along? it's kind of getting old though-- i wonder what'll happen next season. (e.g. will it proceed to get REALLY OLD?) also, i guess i thought the show made it clear that derek was thinking a lot (in his dopey, annoying way) about and trying hard to give his marriage a chance.

also, personally i think a flawed and unlikable character is probably going to be more reaslistic-seeming than a flawed yet likable character.

what i disliked most about the finale, aside from izzy's grating hysterics during the denny fiasco, was that nasty-ass sex scene between mcdreamy and meredith!! dude! slo-mo just made it WORSE!!

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