Sunday, May 21, 2006

Birthday party cheesecake jellybean boom!

Today, I slept late (9:00 a.m.) and then did a self-practice. It went nicely. I don't sweat that much when I practice at home. I wonder why that is. It's nice because the lack of sweat means that the Marichyasanas can be much deeper. Being able to get into C and D on the first try is a nice confidence booster. Kurmasana was chest-to-the floor, but Supta K is, of course, a million miles away.

Later on, we threw Adam's seventh birthday party at Randall's Island Golf the middle of the weirdest weather system I've ever seen in New York ity. When we got to the Island, it was drizzling lightly, but strangely bright out. As soon as we got out of the car, we heard big, giant claps of thunder and saw bright flashes of lightning. Not an auspicious day for golf. Or so it seemed. I felt badly for having all these people (16 kids and their parents) come out for a golf party in the middle of a thunderstorm. Not just badly, actually, worried. You know, electrocution risks and all. But before I could get wound up, the sun broke through again, although only on one side of the island. Not that the kids noticed. They were off and running, playing mini-golf, eating chips, and just basically having a blast. Pretty soon, the clouds were completely gone, and it became this incredibly bright and beautiful afternoon. Whew.

And I feel fine.



samia said...

that was my favorite song for a really long time. i hadn't heard it in ages, i heard it last night and then your blog title today....yah!!!! i love REM

Jacob Mathai said...

Sleeping late every now and then is good too !

liz said...

Supta K isn't much fun for me either. Dui Pada Sirsasana has got to be the worst pose in history.

Those bronzes from your last post are so creepy. I bet I'll have nightmares about them tonight

How's Sir? He gives the best Pasasana adjustment ever

jody said...

talk about wierd weather patterns, friday was a TRIP from my office you could see the storms move in and the skies go from blue to a sickly yellosish brown color to black then it would pour. it was actually kinda neat.

rew said...

hey, is adam's birthday on the 21st? if so, he picked a GREAT day to be born ;-)

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