Wednesday, May 24, 2006

I would like to think...

that wearing these thong-alicious better-than-Birkenstock sandals helps define me as at least somewhat hip, with the artistic and comfort sensibilities of, well, maybe, a dancer.

I am deeply afraid, however, that wearing these orthopedically correct, rocker-bottom, sensibly comfortable or (dear god, no!), perhaps comfortably sensible, shoes begins to define me as at least somewhat middle-aged, with the arthritic and osteoporotic sensibilities of, well, I suppose it is inevitable, a woman of a certain age.

There was a time when I might gaze into the window of a chic boutique and long for the fabulous shoes with the breathtakingly high heels. Now when I gaze into the same window, what I long for is not so much the shoes, but what having a use for them might represent....

I'm just saying.



Jody said...

Cute hippy shoes!

samasthiti said...

Definitely hippy..
I have the closed back clogs, they're black. I'm wearing them now. They are so comfortable. No socks required.
I'm in.
I am not a hippy though.
Neither are you.
Neither are we middle aged.

Sergio said...

No, you aren't, taking into account that "you are as young as your spine is". XD

Anonymous said...

Have you read "Fear of Flying"? The main character, Isadora White Wing, attends a psychoanalyst conference w/her husband; they go to a gala of sorts during the conference. She notes that one of the doctors (or doctors' wives?) is wearing "orthopaedic sandals".... they are what they you one thing, to someone else, another thing...

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