Monday, May 15, 2006

Lost perspective

I haven't slept well for the past two nights, and I'm pinning the blame on Lost. I've been rewatching the entire series, episode by episode, and I've been staying up past midnight doing so. Not that that is so unusual, me staying up late and zoning out in front of the tube. But it's one thing to watch rerunsof Carrie Bradshaw punning her way through a shallow, cocktail-infused life. Apparently, it's another thing entirely to become emotionally involved with a (fictional!) group of castaways who have a a host of personal problems that seem to have followed them onto a non-deserted island that doesn't seem to exist on this planet, all the while being pursued by the "island militia" whose purpose has yet to be revealed. For some reason, Lost has been invading my dreams, weaving its way through both sleeping and waking thoughts as the night drones slowly on (at least now I understand why "sleep" is one of the causes of the vrittis). I wake up sweaty and achy and exhausted.

I wanted to blame it on getting too much sun on Saturday while watching the kids' little league games (no pesticides, thankfully). Then I wanted to blame it on dinner last night. But grilled tilapia, steamed vegetables and a nice Cabernet? Nothing so bad there. I bagged on going to the shala this morning and bitched and moaned to friends, who offered alternate theories: allergies, low barometric pressure, high humidity, gray skies. But as I sat on the sofa and watched a few more episodes of Lost, and as it slowly dawned on me that I wasn't enjoying watching it, but rather was watching it simply because I somehow felt compelled to do so - like an addict, I realized that the problem is the show.

So, I quit Lost. Oh, I'm sure I will still watch the last two episodes of the season. But I'm going to watch like a normal person, not a crazy, obsessed person.

Speaking of crazy and obsessed, I practiced yesterday. It was good. Nothing interesting to report other than (1) it really sucks to practice without having eaten anything now that I know how good it is to practice after having eaten something and (2) I had to stay in Kurmasana a loooooooooooooong time before I got adjusted into Supta K, and this was very difficult, but very very good.

My practice today consisted of around 10 A's and 10 B's, and then some restorative stuff. I am glad I managed to practice at all. I hope tomorrow is better.


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Andrea said...

I have a similar addiction to 24. I'm all caught up now, but I went through a phase about a month ago where all I did was watch the dvds. And then I would lay awake and think about the dvds. And then I would dream about the dvds. I would dream that I was Jack Bauer's partner and that someone was holding a gun to my head. So, I had to stop watching the dvds.


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