Wednesday, May 10, 2006

I took Karen's advice and Tim Miller's advice (via Julie) and banned the thinking today. I just went to practice. And it was good. Not quite as good as yesterday, but stuff like that, well, it can't happen every day. I am glad to feel like I am back in the swing of things. Working on a couple of big picture things right now:

  • ujayi breaths in each asana
  • learning to practice in any weather, in any clothing - it shouldn't matter what I am wearing. A towel to wipe off the excess sweat should be enough. Other than that, no rolling and unrolling of pants, no picking up my shirt so that I can use the sweat on my skin to slide my arms around, etc.
  • no dawdling between poses. Just do the practice.
Did I mention I got a summer teaching gig at Yoga Sutra? I am so looking forward to it - 1:30 p.m. vinyasa class on Fridays. Perfect for me when my kids are at camp! Also some other classes with some privately arranged groups on a different day. And probably some other stuff will come up as well. But for now, it's plenty, and it's all good! I really love teaching these temporary gigs. There is so much less pressure for me in terms of keeping it fresh, growing a class and keeping students interested over the long term. It's like what Samantha on Sex and the City said about threesomes: it's best to be the guest of honor.




boodiba said...

Ah quoting Samantha!!! Good for you on the teaching gig. I REALLY have to try to get some teaching work. I don't want to be any busier, but I do want to go to India on a regular basis and be able to write it off. Practice, practice, practice.

liz said...

Yes, like tim said last week "You!Thinking? Bad lady!"

Hanuman said...

my first guru ingrained in us the principle:

the worst class you ever have is the one you do not take.

ergo, any class is going to be better than none. she trained us all to show up everyday.

namaste and shanti,


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