Thursday, May 25, 2006

Kurmasana is like pizza

Even when it's bad, it's good.

So, I fell out of Titti (as my friend L calls it) on my way out of Bhuja. So, I was so slippery (wearing capris for no apparent reason) that I couldn't even press up to Titti after Supta K. So, I couldn't lift my heels in Kurmasana without bruising my triceps. So. What.

Self-practice tomorrow, hopefully in a heated room. Some might call it Bikram followed by the middle third of Primary. But I will call it self-practice.

Adam's seven today.

Did you know that when they were still horsedrawn, busses were called "omnibusses"? And here I was thinking that "omnibus" was an adjective describing a law that covers many sundry topics. Learn something new in First Grade every day.



Jody said...

similar experience but different reason.
i was in K then came out to prepare for supta when eddie says one second so i had to go BACK in to K then be adjusted into supta by the end of THAT i just didnt have it in me to lift my core up high enough to make a nice clean jumpback.

Ursula said...

Omnibus is also a German word. If you are a group of people and you want to go on on a trip you might consider to rent an Omnibus (bus). Omnibusse are also the busses that are used in public transportation.

I already noticed that you use words o German origin. I am astonished that they exist in American language. Last example was spiel.

yoga chickie said...

Ah, so I am not the only IS the penultimate (or ultimate, depending on when you observe the moon, which occurs at 10:something P.M. tomorrow night) practice of the week....

So, Ursula, spiel is totally of German origin - it is Yiddish!


Kim said...

and then there is "kaput"...
weltschmerz (sp?)...
i'm sure there are others i'm not remembering.

yoga chickie said...

What does weltschmerz mean?

aditya said... u can do a lot of things there

yoga chickie said...

Aditya, there are no shortcuts.


Kim said...

weltschmerz has actually made its way into regular english dictionaries... from the words "welt" (world) and "schmerz" (pain), mine says "1: mental depression or apathy caused by comparison of the actual state of the world with an ideal state, 2: a mood of sentimental sadness."
...and then of course there's weltanshauung, a couple entries earlier in the (still "english") dictionary...

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