Friday, February 01, 2008

Meme it Nona

Please Meme it Forward to Nona, a/k/a Everyday Yogini, who was the first to respond to my suggestion of a meme in which we dedicate our yoga practices to one yogi and see if they feel the love. The next official Ashtanga practice is Sunday, so Sunday will be the day to shower Nona with the fruits of your yoga practice.

Here's what to do if you would like to participate in this love-spreading meme:

1. Dedicate your next practice to the designated blogger.
2. Check back with the designated blogger's website/blog the next day to see how they experienced the power of group karma.
3. The designated blogger then chooses the next designated blogger (Tag!) and posts this italicized text along with the day on which the Meming it Forward will occur. The only caveat is that the designated blogger cannot turn around and Meme it Forward to the blogger from whom their own tag was received. In other words, if I tag you, you can't simply tag me back, lest we go round and round in circles.
4. Participants are encouraged to comment here to indicate their intention to participate, but one can, of course, participate without revealing that fact publicly.
5. If anything is missing, logically or logistically, from the procedure delineated, please note it here.

To Nona, on Sunday.



Yogamum said...

I will dedicate this Sunday's practice to Nona!

Everyday Yogini said...

Well, how funny! I am delighted to be the recipient of Yoga love, but I thought I would be participating for someone else!! Next Sunday, I guess?

This is a great idea Lauren!

Cody said...

hey lauren,

my first teacher is going to be in greenwich for a workshop. you might want to check it out - he's great.

michael h. workshop

samasthiti said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
DebPC said...

I thought a meme was a unit of information?

Nona, I really like your blog. I am sorry but I will not be practicing asana today but I will practice Karma yoga and send good thoughts your way.

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