Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Lurkers Appreciation Week

Some Ashtanga bloggers have recently held "Lurkers Amnesty Week", meaning, as it sounds, that lurkers are invited to come on out of lurking and comment. Nor have I any clue why one who lurks would stop lurking and start talking just because they are invited to do so. Nor am do I have any clue from what punishment the "amnesty" provides immunity. As far as I can see, lurkers lurk because lurking is a lot safer than speaking andbecause it takes a hell of a lot less effort than commenting. If I were to grant lurker amnesty, whatever that is, I imagine that I would have to allow anonymous comments on my blog, which I have no intention of doing any time soon. Anonymous comments have been a major failure here on the YC blog, in that allowing people to speak under the cloak of anonymity provides the few haters out there with the courage to say outrageous things that they would be unlikely to say if there were a chance that someone might be able to identify them as having said it.

Anyway, for some reason, a one-blog-at-a-time rule seems to apply to this Lurker Amnesty Week" extravaganza, and this week is Yogamum's turn. Not one to break unwritten rules (I note that I have no problem at all with breaking the WRITEN ones), I will do nothing to stand in the way of the lurkers flocking to Yoga Gumbo to delurk and discover their inner commentator.

BUT...I would like to announce that this week is LURKER APPRECIATION WEEK here at YC. And what is that, you might ask? It is the week in which I celebrate you for lurking and bumping my readership up to close to 500 page hits per day. YAY, YOU!!! YAY, LURKERS! You GO! I do not ask that you begin commenting now. And if you did, it would be fairly unlikely that I would start a dialogue with you since I don't sit at a desk during the day. And I find, often the yoga blogs that can boast thirty, forty, sixty comments per post are blogs authored by people who sit at desks and are looking for a diversion from work. So, you'll find that anywhere from 30 to 60 percent of all of those comments are from the blogger themselves, responding to comments.

And I say, why bore you all? Whatever I've wanted to say that day, I have probably pretty much covered it in the post. Thus, anything I might say in a comment, would be repetitive. Or talking to myself. And even though my eight-year old informs me that everyone talks to themselves sometimes, I don't feel like doing so in public.

So, lurkers, this one's for you!

Thanks for lurking and helping me earn approximately 47 cents per day in ad revenue. You keep those home fires burning. You bring a smile to my face.

I love ya, man.



BeBe said...

I am a happy lurker!

Like to keep up with you.


Cara said...

Lurker appreciation--way to be positive. You're welcome, Yoga Chickie. :)

Not One Original Idea said...

a positive rip off!

Yogamum said...

Yeah, amnesty or appreciation, whatever. I'm actually enjoying it a lot!

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