Friday, February 15, 2008

And just like that...

the Boring Chickie packed up her bags and left.

Not so long ago, a person I know admitted to me that they created the original Yoga Chickie Satire Blog. Remember the I Luv Gurji blog by "Adrian"? I've often wondered why this person would take the time and energy to create and maintain a blog, with phantom commentators and pretend friends, especially when she has her own blog in her own persona. It's compulsive behavior, fueled, I would imagine by some obsession that deep down has nothing at all to do with me.

This same person wrote to me last night requesting that I never again speak of her on my blog. When I made a quick phone call to my friend in law enforcement, he agreed with me that it looks suspicious, that evidence points to this person being the person behind Boring Chickie.

Assuming that is the case, then let's see how this all would work:

1. She cooks up a blog called "Boring Chickie" whose sole purpose is to attack me as a person and as a writer.

2. She sees references to herself on my blog, maybe specific, maybe implied, I'm not going to say, and begins to get cold feet. Boring Chickie gets deleted - or rather, made private, which is essentially the same thing.

3. The deletion/privitization of Boring Chickie is followed up immediately with a request that I cease all mention of her on my blog. As if a deal were being negotiated.

Well, the logical question is: Would it be okay if I cooked up a fake blog where I wrote mean things about her instead?

But that's not my style. (Rick.)

Instead, here's what is: I will not be told what to write and what not to write on my own blog. I measure the appropriateness of what I write with my conscience and with something else which I will get to in a moment. When I have mistepped, I have made the appropriate deletions. Always, I have taken responsibility for my actions. Never have I done it under veiled personalities.

So, what is the other element with which I measure the appropriateness of what I write? Simple. I ask myself this: Would I put my name to it? If the answer is no, I do not do it. Only if I would be comfortable being associated with my words do the words ever make it to the public eye.

If you can't admit to writing something because you're too embarassed to admit it, then don't hit publish. If you think people would dislike what you wrote or dislike you for writing it, and you care, don't hit publish.

It is so simple. Could you say it to my face? Then say it here. If not, then don't say it anywhere.



rick said...

Ok. I apologize for my careless conjecture. Peace.

BeBe said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Well said, YC. I wholeheartedly agree that one should stand tall behind one's words.
-Daren Niklerog

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