Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Aspen Day 3 and 4

Apparently, there is ANOTHER type of sweepstakes that goes along with ski vacations. I totally forgot about it. It's the Sunshine Sweepstakes. And apparently we WON! Yay!!

It was kind of cold the first day, but yesterday was nice and warm, and today was positively baking. We only kept the ski stuff on because we spent a lot of time high up on the mountain (12,000 feet above sea level), where the winds are higher, and although the sun is strong, it doesn't feel warm enough to go without a jacket. Down lower on the mountain, people were shedding their jackets.

Tomorrow is supposed to be more of the same. There might be snow after that. So, it's a win/win.

Practiced Half Primary two days ago, and yesterday I did Second Series up to Ustrasana and about five UD's. I have to say that I am a bit stiff out here. It might be because I am skiing harder than I have ever skiied before, really really going all out on the bump runs, and taking few breaks from the bump runs. I suppose that when I get back, the stiffness will subside. It's not like I can't get into poses. It's just that it feels like work to do so. It's not like buttah. It's the opposite of buttah. But 'sokay. As long as I get to the mat, right?

Not that anyone's going to answer me. Apparently, after that whole thing where a certain Northwestern Rodent and I ceased to be friends, I have become persona non-gratis around these parts, removed from link lists and all that. A lot of power that fluffy-tailed, acorn-eating rodent has, it seems. But what can ya do? I've never blogged for popularity. I blog because if I didn't, I would have no creative outlet at all. Writing in my journal just isn't the same. And I never go back and read it, whereas with the blog, it's always there and easily accessible. Even if at times it makes me cringe.

Maybe I'll make some new friends out in the blog world one day.



BeBe said...

You still have me.

BeBe said...

Those boys are so--------- cute!

BeBe said...

Stay away from squirrels - some have rabies and other diseases where they foam at the mnouth.

BeBe said...

How do I edit this - mnouth?

Enough comments for you?

Yogamum said...

I'm still here and glad to hear that you are enjoying your visit to my home state. The sunshine is basically why we moved there.

I just tune out all of the blog-fighting or whatever. It never makes any sense to me.

Yoga Chickie said...

Thanks Bebe and Yogamum. I appreciate the comments. I'm feeling like the blog world's ugly stepsister right about now... :(

drawer queen said...

I still read you daily. I have instead deleted all the other blogs as I found the meanness and the competitive nature of their postings to be about as far from yoga as anything could be. They give Ashtanga a bad name (yogamum, this does NOT apply to you..your blog is lovely and kind and genuine). Yoga should make us more compassionate, open to differences, less likely to judge and criticize others. I don't always agree with you YC, but don't feel the meanspiritedness (not a proper word, but works here) that I got from many of the others.

jillny212 said...

My boys are sooooo cute....please send us more pictures. Hope you guys are having fun!

Al said...

Hi, I'm a lurker never-commenter because, frankly, I couldn't be arsed. I read blogs for entertainment, inspiration and information, not to make friends. I enjoy your blog daily and think you're one of the more talented writers out there. I'm sure you have many more lurkers who feel the same. Keep it up!

nancy said...

hi Lauren, it's so cool to follow your progress. I've been reading your blog for a while - at least a couple of years.
Carry on, it's tough work deconstructing one's old self.

Yoga Chickie said...

Thanks guys. It really means a lot to hear from you! And to think, it didn't take any sort of amnesty at all. I think I'm the one who's being given amnesty...:)

alfia said...

Hi, Lauren:

Lack of comments does not necessarily mean lack of love. I also have been reading your blog and enjoying it very much. The animosity and fighting are very sad, but I am glad that they did not stop your writing. You overcame worse things, after all.

BeBe said...


YOUR boys? Aren't they OUR boys?

jillny212 said...


Of course they are "ours". I was being selfish for a minute.

Hope you are doing well.

Dinnerland said...

They are also my boys, Jill and Bebe (and YC)-- but I also have 2 cuties in my very own domicile.

But I digress:
To YC: Gimme a break. Crocodile tears are unbecoming to a true fighter/ champion like yourself. As Andre tells me: if you want to sit in the big chair, you've got to take a big stand. Continue to say what you mean and take the stand that is about you-- that is truth, and that is what matters.

Screw the haters and don't worry about popularity. Suit yourself.

Carl said...

You'd still be in my link list if I had one.

I thought about buying a little YC doll and panning your neti pot post. I expect I'll never get around to it though.

joy suzanne said...

Hi Lauren,

I'm delurking to let you know that I read you every day here from the south of France...

I liked your backbending retrospective extravaganza! Backbend doesn't feel good to me and you've given me the idea to get a picture of myself in the pose. It would be helpful to see what it is that feels so bad, and then see how it changes as I work on it. I don't want to keep phoning in my backbends forever...

Anyway, I read a lot of expat blogs and lately I've been searching around for yoga blogs. There are several very talented and funny people writing about yoga, but some of them have *such* sharp fangs... flashbacks to junior high school. Luckily the expat blogging community is less vitriolic than the yogis... (That is just so weird, but true.) I'm frightened of the meanies, I don't want to get mixed up in all that. I'd never comment over there.

Just wanted to let you know that I'm reading. I appreciate that you post in detail about your experiences practicing--struggles and breakthroughs with different poses, musings on different aspects of the philosphy and yadda yadda. Blog wars are interesting in that sort of trainwreck way, but it's for the "boring" yoga content that I keep reading.

Bonne journée YC!

lgr said...

Hey, YC. You do have many fans out there, around the globe! Don't get discouraged. Your blog is funny, insightful, and has helped a lot of people advance - or at least better undertand - their yoga practice. More importantly, you're a great Mum and have a wonderful family. What could be better? And keep blogging. We love it.

goodbadinbetween said...

Hi YC,
I'm a newish lurker living in Northern Westchester... just found you about a month ago while trying to find some info on a local yoga studio...I'm pretty much oblivious to what anyone else is saying about you! I like reading your blog because you inspire me. You inspire me to want to start my own blog as a creative outlet as well as maybe restart a yoga practice. You seem like someone that would be a friend of mine. Keep it up and thanks!

Yoga Chickie said...

Thanks so much you guys. It means a lot, more than you know.

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