Friday, February 29, 2008

billy pilgrim has come unstuck in time

No. Wait. That was what Kurt Vonnegut wrote in Slaughterhouse Five. I meant, Desmond Hume has come unstuck in time. In Lost. That's what the writers said, at least. Except that Kurt Vonnegut said it first. With regard to Billy Pilgrim. I guess it's pretty hard to reinvent the concept of time travel, to make it seem other than a vista of mountains in a mountain range, where any mountain is as accessible as any other. But to call the travel across the mountain range "coming unstuck in time", well, that's just derivative.

Aaaaaanyway. Not happy with Lost's episode last night. Too melodramtic. Too much like a one-off, stand-alone Twilight Zone type episode. Whatever. I expect better things when Juliet has her flashback next week.

Meanwhile, back at the shala...

I made it to the CT shala three times this week, and it was all good. In fact, my backbending feels almost exciting now, and leaves me feeling juiced and happy. I would like Val to give me the next few poses through Kapotasana because when I work on those poses, my backbends are so much better. And I can feel the progress in Kapo. Fingers are within striking distance of toes....just an assist away....maybe.

Today I did Primary only at home, except that I added in bound versions of Parsvakonasana and Parivritta Parsvakonasana. Oh and I did some Gomyukhasana arms before Parsvotanasana. And I did Pasasana after Mari D because I am really on a roll with getting myself bound in that, at least in my home practice, which always is just a bit better than what I can do in front of other people. Oh yeah, and after Setu Bhanda, I did Salabasana A and B, Bhekasana, and Ustrasana through Kapotasana.

So....I guess it wasn't exactly Primary only. But it wasn't my regular practice either.

If Cody is reading, let me just say that this was nearly a perfect sequence for me, although perfection would mean doing more leg-behind-head poses before and after but in sequence with Supta K. Yeah, I wouldn't leave anything out...I would add poses in.

BUT...all of that being said, my legs were excruciatingly exhausted during Urdvha Dhanurasana. My shoulders and armpits and back felt okay. But my legs did not want to fully participate. And that made the whole UD experience fairly sucky today.

Ah well...there's always the next practice...



drawer queen said...

But damn that conversation between Desmond and Penny was pretty sweet.

joy suzanne said...

My legs are always really tired in backbend, too. I danced for many years and as I result, all my power is in turn-out. I fatigue really quickly when I have to rotate my thighs inward. I feel clumsy and weak.

By the way, if I had heard the Lost writers shoplifting the Vonnegut, I would have been livid. Ça va pas!!! I don't watch it over here. I just miss House.

alfia said...

I rather enjoyed this episode. But then again, with the general scarcity of any new episodes on all of the shows I watch, I am so not spoiled at the moment! :)

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