Thursday, June 22, 2006

A Yoga Chickie list

I wish I knew what it felt like to touch my feet to my head, or grab my ankles in Urdvha Dhanurasana.

I wish I could wake up every day as loose and limber as I feel when I finish my practice.

I wish that yoga was part of all school curricula. Why should all kids play dodgeball or to play the recorder but not learn some yoga?

I wish that lines from my nose to the corners of my mouth weren't deepening and that my eyelids weren't starting to droop a little.

I wish that I could jump so high I that I could spin around twice or even three times and land on my feet....on ice!

I wish that all children would be safe from violence. I wish all people would be safe from violence, of course, but children - they have no choices, no ability to take themselves out of situations.

I wish that Mariah Carey would stop wearing clothing she grew out of when she was, like eight.

I wish that James Blunt would just sing in a normal male voice. Falsetto is just .... blech.

I wish that all of the women I know up her on the Upper East Side would just STOP with the South Beach Diet already. One week they've lost five pounds. Two weeks, later, they've put it all back on and then some. No one eats any fruit, carrots or tomatoes. How can fruit, carrots and tomatoes be bad? How can it be good to drop five pounds in a week but be unable to sustain it?

I wish that puppy-stores would be required by law to hold open adoptions once a month for local rescues and animal control centers.

I wish that everyone had access to good health care.

I wish that the federal government allowed parents (mothers!) to deduct the cost of child care from their gross income so that they could pay for their child-care with pre-tax dollars.

I wish that the day had an extra two or three hours and that I needed two or three hours less sleep than I do.

I wish that I didn't like to bite my nails...but I realize, I do like to. I LIKE to bite my nails. There, I said it.

I wish that my dog would ever be housebroken. Really, reliably housebroken.

I wish that my kids would always be happy and never ever get hurt.

I wish that my family and friends have peace, prosperity, health and happiness.

I wish that my "enemies" would forgive me, and I them.

I wish that there were a way to solve the problems between Israelis and Palestinians without anyone having to think that they lost their honor.

I wish that there was a way to solve problems between different countries and different factions without resort to violence. How have we evolved into such a modern world in so many ways, and yet ultimately, we are reduced to the basest of methods when it comes to resolving problems?

I wish that I had studied ballet as a child, not modern dance. Real, pink leotard-wearing little-girl ballet. I wish that I could have known Anne Frank. I wish that my grandmother could have known me as an adult. I wish that I went to a larger school than Tufts. I wish that I had had more strength and confidence with regard to my convictions when I was first "set free" upon the adult world.

I wish that there was a cure for cancer and for AIDS.

I wish that the cancer-curse of the Cahn clan has not been inherited by my sons.

I wish I had a career that I liked enough and to which I was well-suited enough so that I would actually work and actually make some money and actually feel successful.

That's all for now, and by no means exhaustive.

Feel free to share your wishes too, from the lofty and sacred to the mundane and profane.



Sergio said...

I wish nobody ever had to wish for anything.

Anonymous said...

I wish that people didn't discriminate against people with cancer. I wish employers didn't discriminate against older employees.

Richard said...

I wish your wishes come true for you. I'll wish upon a star tonight out here in the rockies.

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