Friday, June 09, 2006

A little closer to God

My rooftop yoga studio, originally uploaded by Yoga Chickie.

And a little farther from the fumes eminating from my apartment due to the fact that we were having reglazing work done in one of the bathrooms. That stuff is powerfully toxic, and the process took from 9 a.m. until close to 1 not only did I miss going to the shala this morning, but also, I was effectively evicted from my home, at least temporarily. What to do, what to do....I ended up taking Lewis for a long walk, and then I wandered up to the roof of my building, figuring I would camp out there for a while, reading a magazine, putzing around with my Palm. But something about being up there with the huge open sky and the view of Roosevelt Island (!) off to the left, and I found myself longing to be practicing asana...

My mat was downstairs in the toxic apartment, and the floor of my rooftop is concrete. So, I felt constrained to practice only some standing poses, but soon I felt brave enough to try some Surya Namaskaras...and there it was, I was off and running....

It was very sunny out, but not overly hot. I had a wonderful practice. Halfway through, I ran downstairs to my apartment, held my nose and grabbed my mat and came back up and finished Primary. Things are really coming along. Supta K, still a bitch. But everything else feels good - a nice balance of effort and ease....even my vinyasas felt strong.

I can't believe that I have been on a six-day-a-week practice schedule for more than a month! Sunday will be the first moonday falling on a normal practice day for me in a long long while....will I rest? Or will I.....gasp....Bikram?


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jody said...

nice digs! i've been thinking of trying a bikram class lately there's a guy at my shala who dabbles. but i think id probably throw up from the heat...

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