Monday, June 19, 2006

The quicker picker upper

So it would appear that the key to enlightenment (okay, not enlightenment, but at least a more peaceful practice for poor, poor pitta-ful me) is contained in a square or two of Bounty paper towels. And when , I say Bounty, I mean Bounty. Not the cheaper, Brand X's out there. My experience as a housewife, a mom, and now an ashtangi has taught me: Rosie was right. They really are the quicker picker upper.

I came to practice today at Shala X (a misnomer, really), armed with my usual hand towel, a new, more absorbant-seeming towel that I purchased yesterday at the "Everything Under One Dollar" store in West Long Branch, New Jersey, and a roll of sweet Bounty.

Sweat was pouring from me as early as, well, probably a few seconds before I even stepped onto my mat, and it continued non-stop throughout my practice. However, it became apparent almost immediately that a quick swipe with a Bounty was all I needed to keep myself from feeling that awful flop-sweat sensation that I get when I'm hanging over my legs in Uttanasana with a steady stream of sweat pouring straight down from the top of my head down past the tip of my nose, or when I come back to Samasthiti after Parsvotanasana and beads of perspiration literally whip off of my arms.

Any absorbant paper towel far surpasses a hand towel for the simple reason that when it gets wet, you can toss it and grab a new one. But a good absorbant paper towel far surpasses just any old paper towel because you can use it over your bent knee as you go to bind in Mari C and Mari D, eliminating ALL slippage without adding ANY bulk. A less-good paper towel will not absorb the sweat as effectively and may even have the tendency to tear, rendering the entire effort futile.

Bounty is also a good conversation piece. One of my shala mates leaned over as he was about to bind in Mari C and asked if he could have some too. And my Bounty led to a useful, quick, between-Mari D-sides discussion with Sir about the utility of profuse sweat. It began with Sir noting, " Time to cut back on the coffee." But he was kind of only kidding because the upshot of the conversation was this: profuse sweat makes you stronger, requiring a greater grip. Also, it will continue to help me to clear any residual toxins from my system, resulting from the chemo.

(Do you hear that Unum Provident? I. Still. Have. Residual. Toxins. Why is that so hard for you people to understand?)

Later on, Jose was showing me how to use the stack of Thai Yoga Massage mats for R&D to stretch the spine. This has nothing to do with Bounty, they the way...or does it....? As we were lying there, hanging off the stack of mats, there was suddenly a loud crash. Something hit my foot with a hard smack. I hauled myself back up - a huuuge reverse sit-up, I might add, to see what it was.

It was a framed photo of Gurufji, himself, Sri K. Pattabhi Jois. And it seemed to have literally leapt off of the wall, landing on me.

"I guess that's a bad sign," I said ruefully.

Got a laugh from the remaining folks on the floor.

I probably won't be doing that spine-stretching R&D again any time soon. Unless it was the Bounty....?



Anonymous said...

It was the Bounty. Use a towel instead, not a paper product.

yoga chickie said...

I figured you would say that. Is it because of the environmental concerns? Because every time I use a hand towel, I have to wash it in my energy-eating washing machine and dry in my even more energy-eating dryer. And I have to add the suds of some kind of sulfate into our planet's waters (I use Seventh Generation; nevertheless, it contains sulfates; rule of thumb: if it lathers, it has sulfates).

So, if not these reasons, then why?

ciodude said...

Yoga and paper towels. Not an association I would have made. :)
I'll add that to my bag along with my fuzzy bath mat for when Julie teaches me yoga in August.

Richard said...

Stick with the Bounty!! It was good enough for Rosie. Good enough for me. Actually I never would have thought of this - great idea!

Anonymous said...

Rinse it in plain water. Or take it in the shower with you and use the suds from whatever you wash your body or hair.
And really, there is no need to use the dryer. Hanging it to dry is free.

CJ said...

Does it not tear and leave bits of paper all over you, or is it just such good quality that there is no danger of this happening? Can you get different colours as well :)

yoga chickie said...

Well, CJ, tried toilet paper, and that leaves little flecks of paper...not good.

And Anonyous....hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha, and another big hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!! And that's all I'm saying.

Anonymous said...

From the bounty website: FAQ #4) How is Bounty made?

We make Bounty from trees that are processed into pulpwood. Long fibers from softwood trees, such as pine and spruce, are used. After debarking, the pulpwood is turned into chips that are cooked. The natural "glue" that holds the fibers together is removed, leaving a fibrous pulp mixture. The pulp goes through cleaners and screens and is bleached to make it absorbent. The pulp then goes through a high-speed paper machine. A translucent substance called resin is added to the mixture to strengthen the paper when it is wet. The water is removed and the fibers bond to form sheets of paper. Two layers of paper are combined with a thin layer of adhesive and embossed to form many tiny air pockets that rapidly attract moisture. Diamond shapes are pressed into the paper to give it a quilted pattern that holds water. Designs made with water-based printing inks are added to some Bounty rolls. For additional information about the papermaking process, visit
And: #7) Are Bounty paper towels made from recycled material? Bounty paper towels are made from virgin wood pulp.

No wonder you were hit in the head, can't see the forest for the trees.

Anonymous said...

i use one of those lightweight chamois cloth things, found both through yoga product purveyors and at sporting goods stores (for, like, your towel when you go camping...?). it works for me. i use it to offset slippage sometimes too. although i'm a little too compulsive about wiping sweat off my face. if i were my teacher i probably would have snatched the towel out of my hands by now and said "FOR GOD'S SAKE JUST TRY PRACTICING WITHOUT IT!!!!"

Richard said...

I am curious why anonymous is so stuck on this topic...and why anonymous anyway?

Kim said...

uh, just for the record, i was the most recent anon-commenter, and mostly didn't feel inspired to log in because lauren doesn't actually know me anyway. and i do not necessarily support the opinions of the earlier anonymous commenter(s) (none of whom were me).
(and can't anonymous commenting be turned off?)

Anonymous said...

Personally, I think Viva surpasses Bounty. It seems to do better in the washing machine.

yoga chickie said...

Actually, the only reason I have so much Bounty on my hands is that that is what Fresh Direct delivers when I order paper towels.

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