Thursday, June 29, 2006

So, yeah, that whole Guruji-note-to-get-out-of-gym thing didn't quite pan out...

not that it wasn't brilliant of my shala mate to think of it. I decided, instead, to just do my thang today. And whaddaya know, the fingers not only hooked together, but Sir kept them there while he internally rotated my legs to make more space for the bind and then hooked my feet together. It wasn't my most graceful moment, and I shan't be expecting it to happen again any time soon. It was, however, the first moment I have had with my elusive, unreliable and generally naughty lover (Supta K, duh) where I really and truly believed, with absolute certainty, that progress is happening and that the marriage of hands and feet is possible in this lifetime.

On other fronts, I got myself a library card today, and you'd have thought that I had obtained the "Golden Ticket" or the key to the city, what with the flush of power I felt: I can take books - any books - and NOT pay. Imagine! Had a delicious breakfast at the delectable, Veselka, a Ukrainian staple in the East Village. If you've never had kasha (buckwheat groats, which are kind of like a cross between brown rice and cous cous, but nuttier) with your scrambled whatever, then you really must partake at some point. Wandered around a bit in the East Village, bought some martini glasses because I still have a life outside of yoga and goddamnit, there's nothing wrong with that. Wandered into a tattoo place and contemplated what I would put on my body and where I would put it if I should ever be so bold. I was thinking of something small and sweet that would commemorate four years of survival. But only the cliches seemed to call out to me - the butterflies, hearts, flowers, stars. I would think that I could do better than that. Funny, I saw a lot of crosses and Jesus imagery. But no Stars of David or khais. Funny how that works.



Oberon said... are fab...u...lous.

samasthiti said...

I think so too.
Tattoos, wouldn't your mother have a fit?

Richard said...

That's what tatoos are for...

Sergio said...

Options: 1) This is the "teenager solution": don't tell your mother and get it somewhere that's easy to cover; or 2) Be brave and tell her but explain her why you are doing it. This one worked with my mother. She understood why I wanted to get the tattoos done, why I wanted them to be the way I wanted them to be, etc.

An advice: IMHO, you shouldn't look for a design in the tattoo shop itself. I think it's better to meditate on what you want to get done, really try to picture how it would turn out and, more importantly, what it means to you.

Debpc said...

Hate kasha but miss Veselka...

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