Friday, June 16, 2006

It will not suck and if it does, it still won't

I am going to practice now. I am. And then I am teaching a 90 minute class at Yoga Sutra - not my favorite length of time for a class (I truly believe that vinyasa classes ought to be no more than 75 minutes), but it will be fine, and at least I won't have to worry about "going over" my time alotted. I got plenty of rest last night after the seemingly endless "Family Celebration" in Adam's First Grade Class, in which three one-act plays were presented, and it became clear that this year was all about including the disincluded and just basically ignoring those who seem equipped to fend for themselves. Liberal guilt? Not this time. Liberal backlash. More about this later, with photos.

But back to the less complicated thoughts, I drank lots of homemade lemonnade, so I am hydrated but not bloated. My joints feel fine. I am ready to go go go go go go go go go go go o go go go go! And go I must.

Stay tuned,


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