Thursday, June 08, 2006

The state of Yoga Chickie's Backbend June 2006

Here it was in April:

I know that my knees are bent excessively forward over my ankles, but I see progress in my shoulders and the fact that my hands and feet are now approximately six inches closer together.

Oh, and here is my backbend one month earlier than the last one...March 2006:

From this photo, I can see that I have made progress in placing my feet closer together and bringing my arms into a more vertical orientation. My hands and feet are much further apart in this photo than they are in the April or the June photo. So, practice does seems to have some effect over time...

Most importantly, I feel good backbending now, even after Supta K.

Great practice today. Came VERY late, so I lost out on all the adjusts. BUT since I knew that was going to be the case, I deliberately took things very slow. And it felt great. My hands floated to the floor all on my own on Prasarita Pado C, I bound effortlessly in Mari A, B and C, and Mari D, well, at least it happened. I had time for a nice long stay in Kurmasana, and then I used a belt to get to my deepest in Supta K (my deepest without an assist, that is).

Blogger has been down quite a bit these past two days. And my laptop is still showing signs of something being seriously amiss, including the fact that my internal mouse is no longer working (I am using a wireless mouse), and well, something just doesn't feel right. I guess I am going to have to pay the Geek Squad a visit after all. But hopefully they won't have to totally undo my whole system and start it from scratch because I have a feeling that recopying all of my iTunes isNOT covered by my extended warranty.

And to answer some more questions: Why am I taking these idiotic tests? Because my insurance company has the right to require me to do so, and they did. In order to be incompliance with my policy, I had to go spend three half-days being mentally poked and prodded.



Anonymous said...

I don't get it - what are the tests for? Why does an insurance company ever make you do mental testing? Are you applying for something?
Now, about those backbends...sorry, but the earlier pics look better to me. Your arms were much straighter. I've seen your upward dogs, and you do not seem to be able to open your chest - as a result of the surgery? So these backbend practices shld be very helpful.

yoga chickie said...

I don't know what the tests are for. It's my disability insurance company that is making me do the testing - I have been on long-term disability since, I don't know, like three years ago. I guess they want to show that I now that three years have gone by, I am perfectly healthy and able to work as a lawyer. I assume the tests are supposed to show that. There is nothing "physical" that they can demonstrate since my complaints are primarily cognitive (losing things, lack of of focus).

I do have trouble opening my chest. The muscles are EXTREMELY tight, and there are implants UNDER the muscles. I think my arms are straigher in the most recent picture but that my hip flexors have made more progress than my shoulders such that I am able to walk my feet closer, when it would be better if I could walk my hands closer to my feet instead. I's hard to know exactly what is going on, but I definitely feel there is progress, even if the photo doesn't show it well. Perhaps the progress is that the backbend "feels" better - less painful, less stiff.

Any suggestions for Updog? I can't seem to feel it at ALL in my chest unless I drop my pelvis way down towards the floor.


samasthiti said...

Start with your pelvis on the ground and bend your elbows back and in towards your rib cage, then bring your hips up and forward through your arms with the sternum lifting upwards, all the while squeezing the arms towards your ribs.
Anusara but without the jargon..

Jody said...

Hey L --- do youever feel any sensations in practice from the tummy surgery from last year? Seems like BB's would create some sensation in that area...


Anonymous said...

What helps me open the chest in Updog is to concentrate on rotating my shoulders back and down my back (there's that anusara jargon), while pushing down hard onto my hands so that I slide through the arms. It also helps to NOT look up or throw the head back. Work on the chest opening, and not, as many do, compensate by throwing the head back. Keep the head straight up, looking ahead...

Anonymous said...

Same red-headed photographer?

yoga chickie said...

Different red-headed photographer!

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