Friday, June 16, 2006

Mari C Redux

Practice was much better today, although I am really struggling with what I feel to be excessive heat in the last portion of my practice, starting somewhere in the Marichyasanas. I feel so hot that I have been walking out of the room to cool off a bit. Today, even that didn't work. I was hot, my hands were sliding away from each other, my binds were sliding around. Ultimately, I had to just deal and get through it so that I could get my Supta K adjustment from Sir. And afterwards, instead of moving onto my backbends, I cooled off in child's pose for a few moments and then went back to Marichyasana C and did every pose again, from there through Supta K.

I felt like I might have been doing something criminal. But minus the intense heat and slippery humidity, my postures are quite good. They're fine, at the very least. But add 80 degrees and 80 percent humidity, and I become a sloppy sweaty mess who can't grab hold of herself in even the simplest of binds. Not practicing at the Shala is not an option. I need to BE at the shala if I want help in Supta K (and other postures, theoretically; when it is just Sir, and Xtina is not there, like today, I get almost completely ignored, other than in Supta K, and I am not very happy about that, I might add).

Since today is Friday, which means that I have to wait until Sunday to bind Mari C and Mari D again, to press up reasonably adeptly in Navasana and to jump back adequately in Bhujapidasana, I wanted a re-do. So, I went and gave myself one. And it made me feel so much better. What is wrong with a redo, really?

After my redo, I pulled out six backbends and all of finishing. But I got kicked out before Savasana. No biggie. I had to get home to take care of stuff (including a dog that POOPED in his own CRATE!!!! ARGH!!!) before running back downtown to teach my class at Yoga Sutra.

Teaching was fun today, as well as on Tuesday. I love these long-term sub gigs...they give me all of the pleasure of teaching without all the negative baggage (competition amongs teachers for good class times, for who has the most students, etc.).

I will get to posting about how ignored I feel in Adam's classroom. I am just too tired right now, and I have to go to a party tonight atBruno Jamais, a strange, almost secretive "grotto" on the Upper East Side where on most nights, the bar is filled to capacity with fifty-ish, well-dressed gentlemen drinking from bottles of designer vodka, and gorgeous, super-low-rise jean-and-halter-top-wearing twentysomething girls fill in the gaps, attaching themselves to whichever of the older gents permit it. I don't know if I am talking about "working girls", as they are so-coyly referred to these days. But it sure felt like it, the one time my friend S dragged me there...she was separated and anxious to find a sugar-daddy to make her feel whole again.

I'm not saying it's right. I'm just saying it happened.

I have never felt so invisible in a bar. I never ever wanted to go there again. But my friends D&D are having their 10th Anniversary party there. He's French. The restaurant is French. And they live on Madison. And the restaurant is on Madison. Them thar's the only connections I can make between my friends and Bruno Jamais. I anticipate finding this to be a very exhausting night.


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Anonymous said...

hi lauren, had some time to myself and decided to do some blog-reading. as i understand from your musings, you get a lot of assists at your school, not so at ours, i guess there's a system to it: i must try myself and then maybe get an adjust here and there, most likely in supta k. and baddhakonasana. i kind of like that, because it gives me really a chance to try it by myself, without expecting any help, which i believe is the whole point. i have seen people looking around for help and being (seemingly) ignored. but as soon as we do anything we are not supposed to, there will be a comment, so the teachers are really looking out for us. anyway, keep at it. have a good weekend, ivdp

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