Thursday, June 22, 2006

Asthangasnooze, I mean, no, really! Real Ashtanga News!!!

This is actually kind of neeewsy and exciting, and I think I might be the first to post it!!!

Here goes: All next week, from Monday through Thursday (Sunday being a moon day), Guy Donahaye's Mysore style Ashtanga classes (6:45 a.m. start time and 8:45 a.m. start time) will be at held at Yoga To the People, people! Yoga to the People is located at 12 St. Mark's Place (2nd Floor), a mere half a block from the Astor Place stop on the Number 6 Line of the Subway!

I love when we get to shake things up a bit - substitute teachers, substitute shalas, moving the mat not just to another spot in the room but to an entirely different room altogether.



Anonymous said...

Um, ever think there's a reason no one posted it? Doesn't look like Sir wants this advertised...he usually posts on ezboard when he does.

yoga chickie said...

Hmmm, cranky aren't we? Whether or not he wants it "advertised", anyone who was away from the shala this week who reads my blog will be pretty happy that they caught this information, lest they show up on Monday at Avenue B and find no one is home. I suggest you get over yourself.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info. It is appreciated. That studio seems like a pretty interesting place, if nothing more than $10.00 classes in NYC. Good excuse to finally check them out.

Anonymous said...

Guys prices apply at this location as well - no drop-ins, etc...

yoga chickie said...

I think the other anonymous poster's comment referred to Yoga To The People's $10 "Power Yoga" classes, not to Guy's Ashtanga classes. But good point anyway. I think it needed some clarifying.

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