Monday, June 12, 2006

The latest permutation of email scam

I am not sure who would ever, ever, ever believe this sort of thing to be true, but still, round and round they go. In bold are the latest modules added into the general scam template:

Dear Friend,

I am sorry to interrupt your peace since you are not
expecting to
receive any mail from me. However, I'm obliged to do so
due to theim
portance and urgency of my motives. I am not sending this
email as
(internet spam) which in recent time has been drastically
abused by spammers(scammers).However, I have interest in your abilities
personality influence which can be utilized in a DEAL of such

I am a security agent assigned with Middle-East anti-
Terrorist unit in Oman. In the course of my work with 4 (four)other
members of my colleague, we intercepted a wire transfer of Twenty-
million united state dollars (USD$25M)suspected to be aTerrorist
transaction within this region which was supposed to be transfer to a
bank in Algeria (Africa) as funding for terrorism in that region.We
conducted Several trace to locate the benefactor and beneficiary
connected to this transfer and all efforts made in that regard was
unsuccessful because both accounts was wiped out from existence
immediately the fund was intercepted.

Normally the agency is entitled
to have such fund transfer
to state treasury department account, But
wedecided to keep this fund to
ourselves and have made a deal with two
UN Diplomats presently in Oman,
to monitor Oman's Oil-for-
foodprogramme to have a neutral person to stand as
the beneficiary.The
fund was fixed-deposited in Agricultural Bank of Oman with
immunity influence as diplomats and will send the necessary paper
payment approvals to the Agricultural Bank to commence payment
to any
beneficiary approved by them.

I have the honor to confide this
information in you and to request for
your assistance to receive and
secure this money in your account,
this is My reason for contacting
you.I will send you a copy of
my InternationalPassport as a proof of
sincerity and transparency
in this DEAL. You are therefore expected
and advised to display high
degree of maturity,responsibility and
understanding in handling this
information. I ampresently in London on
a vacation and will remain
here until this DEAL is concluded.

I will
give you all the details in my next mail when you have indicated your
and commitment to work with me. Always remember that this is
the highest
confidence and trust any person can response on the other,
especially when
it is considered that we did not know ourselves
before. Also note that this
DEAL is highly confidential and 100% risk-

You can reach me with this phone number;+447040122096

Krishna Aryal.


Craig said...

As plain as it gets..

Reminds of the Amish virus:

"You have just received the Amish computer
virus. Because we don't have any computers,
or programming experience, this virus works
on the honor system.

Please delete all the files from your hard drive
and hand-deliver this virus to everyone on your
mailing list.

Thank you for your cooperation.


The Amish Computer Engineering Department"

Anonymous said...

This comment is in response to your previous post.
I am currently looking to join the board of a non profit organization in my neighborhood called neighborhelp fund. A mother in our school started it when she realized there were some kids who were never at the birthday parties, didn't get to play sports, couldn't afford dental care. For years I have managed one of my kids competitive soccer teams and they have always given us a scholarship for a player. It is a great organization that helps kids in our zip code who go to our local schools who aren't as fortunate as the majority of us living in this area.

yoga chickie said...

It really is terrible that there are kids who just slip through the cracks that way. It breaks my heart. But it is really great that there are people like you and the others involved in neighborhelp who are doing something about it.

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