Saturday, June 17, 2006

Random Citta Vrittis

Went to the party last night - the anniversary party of my friends, D&D. Found out that D&D are adopting a baby girl from Russia - Siberia, to be exact. Of course, by the time they get her, she will no longer be a baby - more like an 18-month old toddler. I think it is very cool. They just really wanted a third child, and it wasn't happening the natural (or even the medically assisted) way. So, they are giving a home to a girl who needs it.

The party was fun, but I feel terrible today, having had one cocktail, some unquantifiable quantity of wine (the waiter just kept pouring), some red meat and some incredibly delicious chocolate-peanut-buttery-dessert thing. Not a banner night for the purity of the temple that is my body.

Today in the playground, a mom came up to me and asked me what I use on my hair to get the curls so springy! Go Devachan. It's not a salon, it's a practice: no more scrubbing the hair, no more rubbing with a towel, no more combing with anything but fingers and only when wet and thickly coated with alcohol-free conditioner, no more gels except those without alcohol, no more squeezing when I scrunch, as opposed to a gentle accordian-like press, no more blowing dry. I can't wait to see how much healthier my hair is in a couple of months...

I feel nauseous. I am jumping from topic to topic. I am very upset by this coda to the Cancerbaby Blog just seems so cold. I would have liked to have seen an obituary, or some kind of heartfelt message from her husband or friends. It occurred to me for a brief moment, that I will never know for absolutely sure if Jessica was even a real person....

Happy Father's Day!



Julie said...

I suppose cancerbaby's husband and family may be too upset to worry what the blogosphere needs... at least, that's how I imagine my husband would feel.

yoga chickie said...

Actually, I got an email from him - very sweet, very kind, very forthcoming. The long and the short of it is that he doesn't want to violate the sanctity of her blog - the only thing in her life over which she had control, ultimately, by injecting his own voice into it. His email left me in tears.a

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