Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Your real age is 54

Or so they tell me.

I have this self-deprecating tick, where I tell people that I may look young, but I have the body of a 60-year old, thanks to the effects of chemo (which gave me early onset osteoporosis) and surgically-induced menopause (which makes my skin crepier and flabbier than it should be at this point, and which makes me forgetful, or that might be caused by the chemo...either way!). Now, I have just found out that I'm off by only about six years in my assesment.

According to, this:

is the body of a 54 year old.

Oh, yeah. And this 54-year old body also BOUND FULLY IN SUPTA KURMASANA TODAY. The FULL pose. BOUND. IN. SUPTA. K. TODAY. Ankles crossed, hands clasped (Sir held them together, but it TOTALLY still counts!!!!!! Up until today, even THAT much wasn't possible).

It took two tries, but so what. I'm nothing if not determined. And you know something? I wouldn't have even bothered to do it the second time since I went into the shala today with the intention of totally not attaching to the results of my efforts. Except the first attempt at Supta K just didn't feel right. It wasn't right. I wasn't ready. It takes me a bit of time to warm things up at this early stage of my Supta K "journey" (I hate that word, but I am too lazy to think of another at the moment), and so be it. When Sir brought my hands together, they came together, but I knew that I wasn't even close to my edge. After coming out of it, I asked him if I could try it again. He gave me the affirmative as he went to give someone else dropbacks. Meantime, I got myself back into Kurmasana, squished down, wriggled my shoulders under my knees and crossed my ankles. And waited. And waited. I got out of it, and immediately got myself back in, at which point Sir came over and put drew my hands together. Done!

Yay! Yay!

I am far far far from mastering this posture, but at least now, I am where I was when I began Mari C, which is now one of my most favorite-est postures of all: I could be put into it with the teacher's help. And THAT makes all the difference to me.

So, I have a real age of 54. At least I can put my ankles behind my head and clasp my hands behind my back!


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Vanessa said...

A big WOOHOOO!!!

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