Friday, January 12, 2007

Friday download

1. Is there anyone out there who actually believes that Lindsay Lohan had her appendix removed when she checked into the hospital a few days ago and is now running around with her scarless tummy exposed? Post-op? Sheeeeyeaaaahright. It is my opinion that Miss Lohan's pants are on fire. And the death watch continues.

2. Does anyone else think that perhaps Rosie and Donald protesteth too much? Well, methinks. I am starting to wonder if there isn't just a bit of sexual tension there. The Sam and Diane kind. The Luke and Laura kind. The Cybill Shepherd/Bruce Willis on Moonlighting kind. The kind where "I hate your guts" is followed by "I hate your guts more", which is in turn followed by a cut to the bedroom where our protagonists are dazed and unclothed. Note to Melania Trump and Kelly Carpenter: keep your spouses close, keep their sworn enemies closer.

3. My back is all outta wack - the lower back, right about here:

(where the dimples are). I hate Supta Kurmasana. And it hates my guts more. And so a love affair begins.

4. I can get each of my shins behind my neck, albeit not securely, when I am lying on my back. I can bind easily in Padmasana now (lotus, hands bound from behind the back). I intertwined hands go straight to the floor in Prasarita Pado C. I am wrist binding in Mari A and (most of the time) in Mari B. So why the hell can't I just hold my freeeeeeakin hands together in Supta K. I have seen yogis all over the room who can't (or don't?) do any of the above, all of which I consider to be crucial to Supta K. And yet they are gripping their hands, no problem, in Supta K. It's my GODDAMNED legs. They are pressing down with incredible force, trying to pry my arms apart and succeeding brilliantly. MUST INTERNALLY SPIRAL LEGS. MUST. So then why is the conventional adjustment wisdom in Supta K to EXTERNALLY rotate the legs so that the soles of the feet meet on the floor over the head before the bind is made. What I personally need is for my legs to be shooting straight out over my shoulders. I KNOW the bind can happen then. I am too cowed right now to bring this up with Sir though. I wish someone out there who understands what I just wrote would walk me through why I might be wrong (or even better - agree with what I wrote).

5. Did anyone know that South Harlem is now being gentrified and given the name "SOHA"!? Is anything sacred anymore? Must every part of Manhattan be blemished with skyscraping condominium buildings? It won't be long before we look something like:

and that's not pretty.

6. The YC family will be in Vermont this weekend, with the intention of skiing. We shall set that intention, and then we shall let go of results. Last I heard, the conditions are Loose Granular, which means "Loose granules similar to rock salt, usually formed after powder snow thaws, refreezes and crystallizes; or an accumulation of sleet. Loose granular also may characterize surface conditions produced by machine conditioning of frozen granular or icy surfaces." Or as they say in the Rocky Mountains, "Hahaha. Eastern skiing sucks."

7. Check out The Luxury Guru, where I will soon be guest blogging perhaps as much as weekly (if I can generate that much content, and you know that I have so much trouble generating content) on yoga and cancer.



Anonymous said...

One of my friends, who is a teacher, says that binding poses are 'stupid' and here's why: you spend all your time focusing on the bind. This is totally true. Somehow, if we can get the magical bind, we are good people. Just ignore the stupid bind. Big deal. There's plenty of other great uncomfortable stuff going on in kurmasana. The bind is just messing with your mind--and you fell for it. All asana is meant to keep our tiny little minds engaged with the practice, because we are such simpletons with such a small attention span, that we would crumble into dust if we REALLY had to do the same thing every day. Just let go of the bind. Really. Sheesh.

laksmi said...

it works if you bend the knees a bit and use your abs to scrunch up a bit more as you sort of rock over to your right side and throw your left arm around your back. then scrunch and rock on the other side and catch your fingers and PULL!

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