Sunday, January 28, 2007

Happy Birthday Jill!! Thanks for making my practice suck today. why was my practice kind of stiff and fairly anemic today? Could it have been the birthday party last night for my sister (in law) Jill (center, flanked by me and her other sister, Robin)? It's not like I had more than a glass of Riesling. It's not like I ate any meat. It's not like I was even tired today. After practice, I ice skated for two hours with Adam at Sky Rink at Chelsea Piers. Totally fun. I had totally forgotten how much I love to ice skate. And it's a great way to practice simply ski the ice instead of skating it, keeping both skates on the ice at all times, simply shifting your weight into one set of edges and then the other. It actually feels quite good, and I bet my butt muscles are tired tomorrow.

Oh, yeah, I'm pretty sure that I held my hands together in Supta K long enough for Sir to attempt to cross my ankles. Sometimes, after crossing my ankles, he'll come back to my hands and put them back together, having to hold them together lest I lose my grip. Not today. Alas. But it was just as well. As I said, my practice had no oomph. Even my bujapidasana was sloppy (now, why did I have to go and jinx it yesterday with that effusive buja-bragging post?).

One other thing before I go off to order groceries from Fresh Direct: I have gotten down to brass tacks with Lewis the Bagle. I met with an animal behaviorist on Friday night, and we've got a plan. I will discuss it when I have more energy, and in fact, I should probably keep a log of our progress. The animal behaviorist has his own blog, so it will be interesting to see if he writes about us (he said he probably would, well, not about me, but about Lewis, although, truth be told, the one who needed the training was me, not Lewis...more about that in days to come). A link to said blog will be forthcoming. I think it might prove interesting to some of the dog-owners out there. And yes, I said "dog owner", not "dog parent", and let that be a foreshadowing of what the crux of the problem is with me, vis a vis Lewis, who I should add, is taking to my newly revamped attitude like a yogini takes to a brand new Lululemon tank top.


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