Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Doggie Depends

Yep, I bought 'em. Diapers for Lewis the Bagle. He seems to want to mark everything in my home as his territory, and I'm not liking it. Not one bit. This is my big news of the day. Everything else, status quo. My creativity is all tapped out because I've been working on this big art project - creating the "class project" for sale at the elementary school's annual auction. The project needs to somehow involve the kids, but it also needs to generate big bucks. Projects from past years have brought in anywhere from $500 to several thousand dollars (that was the year that we had a mosaic artist come in and create a mosaic of the New York City Skyline, with help from the kids). I'm doing a mixed media three-dimensional collage of cut paper and digital photos. It's a re-creation of the classroom, but it's kind of intentionally trippy and not-to-scale. I think it's turning out quite nicely. And I am totally not attached to the result, i.e., how much money it brings in at the Auction (easy, because my kids won't be at the school next year - God willing, we'll be somewhere in Westchester county near the Connecticut border, and when I figure out where, I'll let you know!).


You can read yesterday's post if you want to know how my practice is going. You can read Egotastic if you want the celebrity gossip. If you want the answer to my question, "What is a yoga therapist?", you can check out Yoga Journal because they decided to answer the question this month. If you want a laugh, go to the blog formerly known as Catvari (like Prince, Jody has gone from a pronouncable name to a symbol, albeit in Sanskrit; nevertheless, I have no idea what said symbol means).

And now, I think I'll go wash the glue off my hands.


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BeBe said...

I know another dog that wears depends. It is my friend J's little Yorkie (Jack). Yorkies are quite intractable about training, as we know. Jack wears a "diaper" around his middle held in a designer-type colorful covering. It is very tiny because he must weigh 3 pounds.

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