Tuesday, January 30, 2007

This is my mind.

And THIS is my mind on YOGA*:

*And by "yoga", I mean yoga done the way Sir has demanded of me. I finished up THROUGH Garba Pindasana in 40, that's right FORTY, minutes today. I didn't rush. I just DID it. I just did the practice. I added nothing. And every once in a while, or more often than that even, I would notice a place where I eliminated a "tick" or a "flourish". There was even time for me to get smooshed in Paschimotannasana after SIX backbends. And I wasn't the last person to get into Savasana or the last one to leave. It was a wonderful feeling. And this, despite heavy traffic and getting to Shala X after the Invocation.

Now, to somehow not get attached to how good my practice felt today....


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Julie said...

I'm trying to think... but 40 minutes to Supta K... that's totally doable right? I will time myself when I practice next just to see... but what I really wanted to say... one thing I have learned over the course of recovery, in this body, that IS different inside, that is messed up and wrapped in a bow unlike everyone else's (or most everyone else's) is that most of the time when my teacher pushes me across an edge.. he knows I'm ready.. in fact, I'd say all of the time... he knows when I'm letting my ego, my whining, my frustration, my fear hold me back and he does the little niggle and I get the point. Don't let your mind get in the way of opening your heart to your teacher. Don't be a lawyer (said with all the love in my heart for lawyers hahaahahaha)... just be a student and even if you don't get the why or even if it doesn't sit right with you at first.. just do it.. and see... I think you've done that but I didn't get to read your blog until just now so I'm giving you my 5 cents anyway! :)

By the way seen our doctor lately..I should probably email him and tell him I am doing well.

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