Thursday, January 04, 2007

By now you've seen those ads for pills that help you lose weight?

Well, this one is so powerful that it's not for you unless you have a significant amount of weight to lose. So, you should only plan on using our pill if you want to lose a LOT of weight, and only if you want to lose a LOT of weight practically overnight. Hw does 10 pounds in two weeks sound? How does 20 pounds in a month sound? And that's just for starters. So, if you have only 10 pounds to lose, then this pill is not for you because it's THAT powerful, and it works, and it's only for people who have a LOT of weight to lose, and FAST.

We here at the Lose Weight Without Diet Or Exercise Simply By Taking a Pill Corp. want to make sure that you understand that this pill is so powerful, it's for you only if you want to lose a lOT of weight SUPER FAST. If you don't want to succeed in losing a LOT of weight, SUPER FAST, then don't try this pill. Because this pill will peel off that excess weight SO fast that it's only for people who have a LOT of weight to lose, and SUPER FAST.

What makes our pill so effective is that it targets the weight in all the places that you don't want to be fat, like your belly. By targeting belly fat, this pill will trim belly fat and make you lose weight in your belly. Our specially targeted pill needs no special diet to work. You just take the pill, and you lose the weight.

YOU JUST TAKE THE PILL AND OFF COMES THE EXCESS WEIGHT! No diets! No exercise! And it's only for you if you have a LOT of weight to lose and FAST.

We call our pill "CortiSlim SpaTrim" because all of you out there have heard of the hormone, Cortisol, and how an excess of it will make your belly fat. Well, Cortispa Trim trims the belly fat and more! It literally makes you lose a LOT of weight SUPER FAST without dieting or exercise.

So, if you want to lose a LOT of weight, SUPER FAST without the need for diet or exercise, then CortiSlim SpaTrim rim is for you. Please send lots and lots and lots of cash and we'll ship out your case of CortiSlim SpaTrim SUPER FAST so that you can lose LOTS of weight SUPER FAST (and so that we can afford to pay the FTC millions of dollars in fines as our cost of continuing to do business...and our business of helping you lose LOTS of weight SUPER FAST is an important business which we take very seriously).



Wayne said...

Apply the pill directly to the forehead or midsection?

"YC" said...

Yes! Apply directly to the forehead!!

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