Monday, January 22, 2007

Six Degrees of Discrimination

Controversial (and, in my opinion, not in a good way) screen actor and director, Mel Gibson spewed some really nasty shit about Jews (closing his tirade with, "Are you a Jew?").

Michael Richards, who is not a Jew, but who has been thought to be a Jew, by Jews, and whose Seinfeld character, Cosmo Kramer, may have been a Jew, according to some Jews, went on his own discriminatory rant, in this case about black people. He has since apologized and acknowledged that he needs some help.

Isaiah Washington, one of the stars of Disney-owned ABC Television's Grey's Anatomy, verbally insulted his co-star, T.R. Knight, by describing him in a term commonly used to disparage homosexuals. Among the ironies at play in this scenario is the fact that Isaiah Washington is a direct beneficiary of Disney's iron-clad, zero-tolerance anti-discrimination workplace policy. Also ironic is that Isaiah was heard to say to his wife that he "wishes he were gay". I'll bet he does, since, as I have learned from watching the first episode of Season Five of South Park ("It Hits The Fan"), that you CAN use the word in question if you are, in fact, gay.

Isaiah has since apologized, once in a manner which borrowed from the above-referenced South Park episode, by utilizing the offending word repeatedly ad nauseum in doing so, and for a second time, in a manner which borrowed from Richards: I know I need help, and I've already asked for it. Help me Goddamnit! Why isn't anyone helping me? really ISN'T my fault....

Rosie O'Donnell had some choice and toxic words regarding substance-abusing, promiscuous-seeming, insincere-girl-on-girl-actioning beauty queens and the middle-aged comb-over-wearing pagaent owners who pardon them.

Substance-abusing, promiscuous-seeming, insincere-girl-on-girl-actioning beauty queen, Tara Rees is considering suing the owner of the Miss U.S.A. pagaent, Mr. Donald Trump, whose tolerance for substance-abusing, promiscuous-seeming, insincere-girl-on-girl-actioning beauty queens seemed to have reached its limit at one (Current, reigning Miss U.S.A., Tara Connor), to get the her Miss Nevada crown back after her icky photos went public.

  • Cheesy (in my opinion, and since this is my blog, it's all my opinion), REAL ESTATE TYCOON!!, television reality show host, discarder of wives who have reach their freshness date, Donald Trump is on the other side of Ree's hissy fit, which means, dear reader, that Trump and Gibson are separated by only six degrees of discrimination.
  • However, if you take a look at the impressive cross-section of targets of Trump's offensive comments, and add to it those who have found themselves on the other side of a "versus" vis a vis Trump, another pattern emerges, a pattern that could shake the very core of popular culture:

  • gay, overweight lesbian talk show hosts
  • aging, speech-impaired talking heads
  • aging, stock-market-challenged, ex-convict home economics teachers
  • aging, foreign-born ex-wives
  • aging ex-wives who failed to produce a male heir
  • formerly goth, (once, and possibly future?) bi-sexual, black-baby-adopting, asian-baby-adopting, home-wrecking, limousine liberal actresses
  • formerly punk-ISH, Ashtanga practicing, (once, and possibly future?) bi-sexual, black-baby-adopting, Catholic-skewering, birth mother of a lily-white boy and a half-latino girl (this one is via one degree, having publicly defended a gay, overweight lesbian talk show host in which Trump found himself embattled
  • forty-something male who was rejected from the Apprentice, allegedly by virtue of of age discrimination.
  • a wide variety, in terms of ethnicity, socio-economics and intelligence of young, hopeful Trump Organization wannabees with a ready-for-prime-time knack for telegenics, who found themselves on the business end of a "You're Fired" attack.

See what's happening here? Donald Trump is the de facto epicenter of discrimination!

As such, with only six degrees, everyone discriminates against everyone.

Step aside, Kevin Bacon, there's a new game in town.


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