Friday, April 21, 2006

Trapezius Holiday

I have a tweak in my trap, which sent a hiccup to my hip, which sent a plea to my knee to overbend in lotus, which, in turn, shackled my ankle, causing the crack on my grow when pressing down in the third Janu Sirsas-oh.

It seems I need a day.

Or so says my chiropracter, Dr. Jaime Blau, who is so awesome that I let her adjust Adam today. He had a small subloxation in the hip, probably a product of a growth spurt. Already, I feel much better after my adjustment. But she asked that I not do anything that will pull on my shoulders. That leaves out a good bit of the Primary Series, nearly everything after Janu Sirsasana. I am not even sure that I can chatturanga without potentially undoing her delicate work.

Right now, my kids are screeching at each other, and Adam has said "shut up" more times than I care to count. So, I guess I had better attend to the mounting civil war.

I am really really really starting to crave a life in the country, or something like the country, like, say Westport, where we rented houses during two summers, and I know that the neighborhoods are expansive and connected such that long bike rides and walks are possible, and there's public beachfront free for all town residents with a skate park, basketball court, a big playground, swimming pool, kayaking, sailboats (and sailing lessons) and a country club that is also free to all town residents. We got to partake in all of that while we were renting, and it is a really sweet existence. Last night, before I met Mr. Crazy, I was walking along the East River and thinking how beautiful it is and how wonderful it is to be able to safely walk down the river and see the lights and smell the salty air. But how much more wonderful to walk down the sidewalk that runs along the beachfront knowing that you can go home to a house that has MORE than just enough space for everyone. "Just enough" space is a precarious place to be. It is always threatening to destabilize. New photos present decisions. Schoolwork and art projects that come home from school present choices.

Last night I even went so far as to peruse some online listing for Westport homes. Seems do-able. Shockingly do-able, making me wonder if the suburban home market in the tri-state-metropolitan area has started to falter behind the home market in the city. That would be a very good thing!

But I can't get too attached to this craving for now - there is a whole process of house hunting and neigborhood investigating, not to mention school-fact-checking before hunkering down and honing down the possibilities to a couple of neighborhoods. And then there is the timing issue - getting the kids into a new school at the start of a school year. It's almost definitely too late for this year. So the earliest possible move date would be the summer of 2007. Crazy!

And no, I have not even begun to think about where I would practice Ashtanga. I know that would work itself out. I have no doubt at all.



freegiftsforworld said...

is there sort injury ?

yoga chickie said...

there's a mild injury.

Jody said...

looks like your just chickie for now.

yoga chickie said...

Yes, Miss Chickie will have to suffice for the moment. Although....I was just now thinking about doing some standing poses, you know, holding warriors extra long, crazy criminal stuff like that...

boodiba said...

Sometimes I self practice when I absolutely have to keep the strain off my shoulders. hey I oughta ask you about your chiropractor. Mine's $100 a shot & now that I'm freelancing... I might have to give up & go soon though.


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