Monday, April 10, 2006

Dogs no likey Yoga Chickie

Supta K #6.

This time, I got adjusted by Sarah W, whose primary teacher is Richard Freeman (although she has studied in Mysore with Guruji). (Sarah and I were both self-practicing in the Ashtanga room after the lunchtime classes.) Quite a nice adjustment, I have to say, and I got my fingers hooked, although they did spring apart, of course, and we substituted a strap instead. I stayed there a loooooooooooong time, so long that when I went to press up and jump back, I toppled over, frozen as I was in a legs up position. Kind of like a dead bug, I was.

I skipped morning Mysore because Lewis had a huge accident on the living room rug, and I spent about a half hour cleaning it up. When I came home, there was another present for me on the living room rug, but in a different place. I don't know what to do about this mutt. I love him. He smells delicious. He's soft and sweet and hysterically funny. But the peeing. The peeing. It's got to stop. It simply must stop. As we speak, he is kenneled up, which is where he should be whenever I can't watch him like a hawk. At this point, it seems almost like a game for him: I let him out of his crate, and he finds a way to pee on my rug when I am not looking. Why oh why?

Christopher H's dog snarled at me today, which was kind of embarassing, and more than embarassing, it was simply a downer. I imagine myself to be someone who dogs like. But no. My own dog is acting out. Did I mention he peed on my leg yesterday while I was walking with him along the East River? My crime? I am not sure. But it might have had something to do with my talking to a man (can you say "pissing contest"?) who was walking two furry dogs of his own (can you say "pissing contest to the third power"?). Today, on our morning walk, we ran into the same guy with the same two dogs, and Lewis got right between me and them and whooped it up with his houndy howl. It was clear that he was not going to let these three get near me.

So perhaps he is protecting me? But that doesn't explain the peeing all over my living room rug. And it doesn't explain why a little Westie would snarl and bark at me for no apparent reason. So, I can only surmise that I am on some sort of underground doggie shit-list or something.

Dog issues aside, teaching was fun today. Packed class at 12:15, lots of great energy, quite a few guys, which is nice, since such a large percentage of vinyasa students are women. As usual, the 1:15 was intimate (five students), but it's also fun because it tends to be a group with a fairly advanced vinyasa practice. Twice today I had students in my class who had been students of mine at New York Yoga. That also contributed to the nice, warm vibe.

Have I mentioned that I got myself a new Palm Z22? This little gadget is fabulous! My hope is that it is going to get me organized and help me stay organized. Seriously, I misplaced my car last week, or rather, simply forgot that I owned it (left it in a midtown garage overnight before I remembered that I had driven it to Yoga Sutra the day before). I lose my keys and my cell phone at least once a week, no exaggeration. I can't remember appointments, and when I do, I usually will have forgetten to get a babysitter so that I can make the appointment.

So. I am expecting that this little gadget is going to serve as my "external brain'. Kind of like a zip drive for the head. It remains to be seen whether the hard drive that is my noggin interfaces effectively with the hardware that is my Palm. But I am hopeful.



DK said...


The best thing for dog pee is natures miracle. They have liquid, spray AND laundry detergent. That brand is in a class by itself. It should be a priority to really clean the area so he doesn't smell it and feel compelled to leave another message:)

I am sure you know this, but if Lewis is suddenly peeing in the apartment whereas before he wasn't--the first thing to do is take him to the vet. If you need a vet recommendation I have one on the west side.

If it is not medical there are other things that could be going on. But lets get him checked first.

As for supta k- YC--there is ALWAYS going to be another pose. But consider this:

The bind on your back (where you grab your wrist) may need to be much higher than you think you needs to be. Not at your sacrum, but HIGH on your back. Just see if that helps at all.


yoga chickie said...

Hey D,

He has never been properly trained. I really don't think it is me - I think he may be untrainable. Or not completely trainable. They say that if you're not training your dog, then your dog is training you. So, if that's the case, then he has been training me, unfortunately, to have him spend more time in his crate than I ever dreamed any dog of mine would spend. But it seems the only answer. Go outside, then come in and go in the crate. Sad, but true, at least for now. I hope I can stick with it. Otherwise, my rug is toast.

As for The Pose, I guess I had this fantasy that whenever I got a new pose, I would be entirely ready for it, and that would mean that I would be able to do it with assistance. This is the first time I have come to a posture where I can't even do it properly WITH assistance. I guess there's a lot of learning I still need to do about this yoga. Your comment about the placement of the hands for the bind makes good sense, but at this point, I am not at all in control of where my arms are placed - it's wherever my teacher places them. Is there a way for me to somehow get my arms in the right "place" for a higher bind, given that I am not actually "doing" anything other than relaxing and letting my teacher do the work?


Sergio said...

Hope your dog is OK.

Once, I borrowed my mom's pda (one of the many presents her boss likes to give for Xmas but my mom never uses) but I was never the solution to my problem. I kept forgetting to actually take it with me. XD

ciodude said...

Welcome to the wonderful world of PALM OS! Personally I have a Treo 600, but the Z22 is nice. What software tools do you plan to add to it?

yoga chickie said... tools??? No idea! What are some good ones?

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