Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Supta K # 7

Nothing new to report.

Couldn't even hook the fingers, although I felt that there was perhaps some progress in bringing the legs behind the shoulders, which I believe is going to be really important for me, since I need SOMETHING to compensate for the tight shoulders.

Christina gave me a crazy, insane, awesome, deep Mari A adjustment (it's becoming our "thing", it seems), and it paved the way to one of my best Mari B's ever. I felt my spine crack a bit, in a good way, of courses, and I think my head is going to touch the floor soon. Petri gave me a crazy, insane, awesome, deep Mari C adjustment and it must have been 15 breaths long. That was good news and bad news for my Mari D. The good news is my twist was all set to go. The bad news is I was just too damn tired to get myself into a respectable posture. I bound, but it felt kind of anemic.

Interesting backbending moment (interesting is all relative, right, and it certainly is in the eye of the beholder). First off, after the endless Mari C and the usual Supta K, I couldn't even FATHOM Urdhva Dhanurasana. So, I bridged twice. Then an almost-urdhva (crown of the head only). Then, finally, I felt strong enough to go up to the full wheel. And it was fine. My legs felt strong, I puffed my chest out toward an imaginary wall behind me (didn't have the energy to actually move my mat to a wall today), and I felt some cracking going on. LOVE the cracking. After three, I looked up, and there was Petri. I looked up at him, like, "what?", and he just nodded with approval. PSYCH!

Yes, I am attached to getting approval. Acknowledge it, and let it go....................

Teaching at the Arch. Must go now. More on the Yoga Chickie version of 10C later...first I need to speak to Brian, who is in Hebrew Schoo as we speakl. Hopefully, he will provide me with the raw materials so that I can extrapolate.



Anonymous said...

what's with the count? let go of it. it will come when it comes. just practice.

yoga chickie said...

The count is just me having fun. I don't care if it gets up to 700 or 7000.

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