Friday, April 28, 2006

Only speak the truth that is sweet...

said SKPJ in Yoga Mala (I may not have gotten the quote exactly right; hence, no quotation marks).

Thus, I have nothing much to say about practice today other than that it went from awesomely good to horrendously bad somewhere between Marichyasana C and the moment that I began to obsess about another student's practice (whatever it is that you are thinking, it's probably the other thing). I became so distracted that I literally sat on my mat and watched her, all the while, churning up thought-sludge from the bottommost depths of my mind. These thoughts were not loving, not accepting, not kind. And I did nothing to corral them. I let them run rampant as if I had no choice but to let them do so. It was as if I was driving my car through a driving storm and forgot to put on my windshield wipers. At some point, I realized that I had brought my vehicle to a full-stop. And that was when I went back to Marichyasana D, approximating that that was where the storm began to brew, figuring that perhaps I could go back to where I had lost my way and go from there. But that didn't work; time had run short, and I resigned myself to the fact that I just had to let it go. I sat in lotus and told myself, "This was today's practice, nothing more and nothing less than what it was. Next time, let it be different."

It's funny because physically, my practice was perfectly fine. And yet nothing felt fine about it once I let my mind swirl.


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