Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Metro-Chickie Diary

Overheard in an Upper Eastside Apartment:

"Hey, good news! A dog-walker I know asked me to take over five of her clients for part of next week while she goes out of town. I am so psyched! I'm going to see what it's like to be a dog walker! Maybe that's my next self-reinvention! Dog walker!"

"You know, the doormen in our building are probably going on strike tomorrow night. You could probably get work as a doorman too. Or rather, doorwoman."


P.S. Is it so crazy to think of becoming a dogwalker?? I can only imagine I would make more money per hour than as a yoga teacher, while doing something healthy: walking. Or have I fallen so far from the expectations of those around me that I don't even notice anymore as I slip further and further beneath the bottom rung of whatever ladder I was supposed to be ascending?


samasthiti said...

Dog walking seems like such a zen kinda thing...A walking meditation with all your four legged unconditionally loving mates.
I would do it.

Anonymous said...

Why not become a cleaning lady? You have the vacuum cleaner, after all.

You could also get a legal job.

yoga chickie said...

Jennifer Aniston plays a cleaning lady in her new film. Maybe I will! I would certainly rather do that than go work in a firm. Besides, I don't have the concentration to sit and write all day long, nor the physical ability to sit at a desk. You know that, Mommy.


Andrea said...

Have you seen the movie In Her Shoes? Same idea...woman works as high-powered attoney (or something high-powered). Woman leaves job to work as dog-walker. It seems to be the thing to do!


yoga chickie said...

That movie definitely inspired me!


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