Sunday, April 16, 2006

I practiced.

It was good. Glad I did it. I feel less "down" now.

No new Supta K's to add to the tally, as I have not been adjusted in it since Thursday.

On the advice of many helpful Ashtangis, I am doing some extracurricular "R&D", namely Compass Pose, aka Surya Yantrasana, with and without holding the extended leg with the opposite hand. After that, I start to inwardly rotate my thigh in my hip socket to try to get my ankle behind my head. Notice how I don't say, "after that, Eka Pada Sirsasana"...because it's not like what I am doing is, in reality, anything like EPS yet...maybe in time I will be able to hold the ankle behind the head? Probably about the same time that I refer to it as, "my ankle behind my head". The 1980's literature major/deconstructionist in me takes due note of the fact that she (I!) am referring to these (currently) dissociated body parts in a (for the foreseeable future) dissociated manner.

One interesting development that most Ashtangis will not find surprising at all. Now that I have set aside my backbending agenda, backbending has become quite effortless. So much so that as I prepare my body to go up into Urdvha Dhanurasana, I mentally prepare myself for a lot of stiffness in the armpits and shoulders, only to find that as I actually press myself up into the posture, there is no stiffness at all. Hmmmmm.

Told me so.
Will I ever learn?
I highly doubt it.
But you never know.


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