Sunday, November 27, 2005

THIS is good stuff

I have nothing to say about my on practice or my own life today that Vanessa didn't say already (and better and more honestly than I am prepared to do at this point)...

I want to be honest and real here, but I am feeling constrained these days by my detractors. I guess that means I have let them get to me. Ah well. I enjoy writing, have enjoyed publishing here and dialoguing with the good people who enjoy dialoguing in good spirit. For the past few days, however, I have been failing to press the "publish" button. My thoughts and work remain in draft because I just don't feel like putting it out there as fodder for those who can't or don't resist their aggressive urges to vent their anger here.

I hope to be as fearlessly honest as Vanessa when I once again get the guts to dive in and hit "publish" again.



Tiffersll said...

Blogging is a definite risk. I'm rather cautious sometimes too, I've had a few comments here or there that I have perceived as attacks from an "anonymous." Quite truthfully though, if they don't have the guts to acknowledge who they are, then anything they have to say can go to the wayside. However, truth be told, blogging makes us vulnerable, but it teaches us to let go of our pride because there will always be controversy and contradiction in life...and there will always be something to be learned about from ourselves by how we react to comments from others. Hope you had a good thanksgiving Lauren!

yoga chickie said...

I noticed those comments on your reminded me of my own experience, especially when I first started blogging. It does present challenges for staying calm and not fighting attacks with attacks and, ultimately, not even feeling the urge to fight back.

Thanksgiving was good. Hope yours was too! Keep blogging! You seem to have a lot to say, and you should keep saying it...


Anonymous said...

you can't expect to put your thoughts out there to random people and not expect to have to deal with people that don't see it your way. You can also block people from posting comments, but you have consistently chosen not to do that because for some reason I think you thrive on the attention it brings sometimes. But in the end I think you are taking it all too personally.

It's okay to be disliked. You can't please everyone. You write because YOU like it, and in the end thats really all that matters. Don't whine about something you ultimately brought on yourself. Just keep doing what you want to do, and it will all work out.

yoga chickie said...

I'm not whining. OK, maybe I am. I wouldn't say I am taking anything "personally" though. This blog isn't "me". It's just a series of verbal snapshots of me. Like a snapshot, some are more representative than others. Some don't do me justice. Some don't look like me at all. And some are dead ringers.

Comment moderation is a nice thing. Not because it keeps me from seeing the ugly things people sometimes come up with (because it doesn't...I see everything on email), but because it keeps my blog from becoming just another source of negativity for my readers.


Tiffersll said...

Well, I'd have to agree with you, a blog is just a snapshot after all...I don't think there's anything wrong with wanting to be liked. I'll be the first to admit, I'm a people pleaser and I'd rather people to love me than hate me. I don't want to go around life thinking there's always going to be someone who doesn't like me, then what the hell is the point of love?! If someone doesn't like me, they clearly don't know me, and if I don't like someone else, it's probably because of something I lack that I see them as having. But cest la vie, who's perfect? Whoever can demonstrate unconditional love, I hate them (hahah just kidding)...I envy them because they have a trait that I only wish I could have...

yoga chickie said...

"If I don't like someone else, it's probably because of something I lack that I see them as having"

I agree, and I would go a bit further and say that if it's not that they have something I lack, then it's that they have something, some quality, that I wish I didn't see in myself.

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