Thursday, November 10, 2005

I guess....

that this blogging thing gets kind of boring after a while. I mean, what can I say about my practice? I do it almost every day. I go to the mat, whether I want to or not. I practice poses that sometimes excite me and sometimes bore me. I teach a handful of classes each week. Each one may be different from the next, but essentially, it's always the same teaching, right? I have my two amazing kiddies, but how much is there to say each and every day? The Husband remains a royal pain, but a good guy (more or less) nevertheless. And then there's Lewis: did he pee on the carpet today, or not?

Nothing new under the sun. When I stir up some controversy, it's always fun. But that gets emotionally exhausting. When I write academically, no one comments. Boring.

And yet free from drama. That's kinda nice too.

Ah, ennui...


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Anonymous said...

You finally got it? Yoga must be working on you. A calm day can be a very good day.


BeBe in Naples

(It is very calm at the Ritz - luxury is calming, too.)

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