Sunday, November 13, 2005

Grey's Anatomy Post Script

I was just about to close my laptop for the evening when I remembered...there was yet another male hero on tonight's epidode....a tiny little male hero...the teeny weeny male fetus growing in Dr. Taskmaster's tummy. I can't remember this doctor's name, but she's the chunky black alpha female doctor who barks orders at the interns all day long. And her teeny little spawn is here to tell us that some women who try for a really long time to get pregnant actually DO get pregnant, notwithstanding what happened to the sexy blond who opted for "castration" rather than getting in the family way. One woman experiences the tragedy of castration. One woman experiences the miracle of the creation of life. It's all a wash in the end.



Anonymous said...

Hee, hee, I love that show but really they should have me be a consultant, nobody does that much stuff in a hospital. Interesting topic for sure, I had my ovaries and uterus out and guess what, no one can tell.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, last night's episode was a bit much, I was yelling at the TV. I do love the show though.


Julie said...

Is this the same episode as the BRCA issue. I didn't see it but it has caused quite a ruckus as apparently they said women, like myself, choosing this surgery are "castrating" themselves and are no longer females. What the hell does that mean? I have never watched this show and after hearing that likely never will but thought all that was a bit much.

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