Monday, November 07, 2005

Practicing with a cold

I saw on Jody's blog that David Swenson apparently practices Sun Salutations with a cold. The thing I am does one breathe through their nose when the nose is all stuffed up? Any advice out there for those practicing with colds or allergies?



Susan said...

I have horrible allergies and have had this head cold for the past week and a half, I have found that the ujayi is possible with both.
If you draw in deeply and aren't using your nasal cavity it works.It seems to bypass all the cruddy stuff. But I did go slower to keep up with the slower pace of my breath

boodiba said...

I practice when sick EXCEPT for if I have a fever, or if I just feel too flemmy & gross to go to the studio. I think even astanga can be restorative if approached w/ that mindset.

Cold symptoms seem to recede for the time you're practicing. Then they come back after, of course. I think that if you have to get up super early to get your practice in though, the rest is probably a better idea!

He's dead, jim! said...

The epinephrine that one's body produces is a natural decongestant of the nasal cavities. So exercise or yoga will relieve that symptom temporarily. But the rebound after yoga or exercise may make those symptoms worse.

Of course it is not a good idea to practice vigorous exercise when one is sick, especially when one has a fever or a bacterial infection. This opens oneself to more widespread infection.


jody said...

Here is the article.

yoga chickie said...


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