Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Apparently, somebody did one too many bong hits

This is not a joke. This is an actual set sequence of poses, called the Atmananda Sequence, and it's offered as a 90 minute class at the Atmananda Studio in NYC. If I ever get tired of getting stopped at Mari C, I suppose I can just mosey on over to Atmananda and go hog wild. The only oversight seems to be that it doesn't contain Astavakrasana, which could easily have been slipped in right after Compass Pose (Pose Number 56). I love the way they slip Yoga Nidrasana in at the end as Pose Number 66. But what I REALLY love is that there don't seem to be ANY poses where the arm wraps around the FRONT of the leg (like, as in the Marichyasanas), as opposed to UNDER the thigh (which is WELL represented here in a number of bound poses).

A 90 minute sequence that emphasizes strength and hip flexibility. I am SO there.



Sammy said...

Only two asanas with a padma in them.

What happened to all the ardha padma postures?

Anonymous said...

this series is so crazy. i can't wait to try it myself!

Anonymous said...

I have been doing the Atmananda series and I love it! Very challenging - which is never the case for me. Jhon's class moves rather quickly - probably faster than Ashtanga. I suggest it for an alternative.

Jill (sister in law)

Anonymous said...

The Atmananda series is great. Very challenging - especially Jhon T's class. He is hard to understand so you really need to be familiar with the series. Its quick - quicker than Ashtanga. I love it and its not so easy - believe me, I find most classes easy. Lauren can atest to that.

Sister In Law Jill

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