Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Paging "East Side Yogi"?

Yesterday afternoon, I'm walking Lewis the Beagle in Central Park (gotta love living uptown for that little perk), when I hear my name. I turn around, and who does it turn out to be... but...Skelator, the U.S. Skelaton Olympic Team Alternate cum Yoga Studio Manager slash Thug. I said a pleasant "hello", barely registering a negative emotion for the human being (Yoga Chickie must pause here to remind herself of that fact) who sabotaged my ability to teach yoga without taking a subway. "How's the Olympic team," I asked? "Good, just got back from training," he said, pausing for less than a beat before he followed up with:

"Hey, do you know anything about this person, this 'East Side Yogi' person, who is sending me nasty emails about the fact that you're no longer on the New York Yoga schedule?"


All I have to say, Skelator, if you are reading this, is....AS IF.

And to you, "East Side Yogi" at whatever dot com, thanks for the support, but.....now...it is time to let it go...I am much happier with my teaching schedule now that it centers on the New York City Public Schools, Yoga Sutra and Yahoo Hot Jobs. Even if it means I had to re-acquaint myself with the subway system I somehow managed to eschew for the past 15 years. And again, I do appreciate the fact that you miss my being on the schedule. I can only imagine that you are someone who decided to purchase a long-term membership (a yearly perhaps! egads!) on the basis of a few classes and a few teachers that you liked, only to be disappointed when all of those classes were dropped, and all of those teachers were replaced with newbie-freshly-minteds who likely are teaching a distilled and fairly upper-east-side-downed version of the yoga you crave...but that's just my imagining of you and your reason for harassing Skelator. Maybe you simply don't like the guy. Hard to imagine why....Anyway...if you're reading this, I want you to know that notwithstanding my desire to let the past stay in the past, you certainly gave me cause for a giggle today. Now take a deep inhale breath and exhale it all away....



Tiffersll said...

Thanks for commenting on my post and yes, I know I don't need to double up with stuff...or well, I say that at least...I love beagles!!! My sister just got one, they are adorable. I'm not sure what your post is about, but I think I get the jist of it...ah the attachment to the teacher. I thing I think I'm familiar with...lesson to be learned in non-attachment

yoga chickie said...

yes, when it comes to whomever wrote the harassing emails to Skelator The Mangager, letting go of attachment to the teacher is an important issue. With regard to Skelator, the issue is letting go of anger. it is amazing to me that this guy, this former boss of mine is still wrapped up in whatever issues he had with me, while i have completely moved on to the point where i forgot i didn't like him when i first saw him yesterday for the first time in months.

as for you, trust me when i tell you that you do not need ANYTHING but the ashtanga yoga. the bikram is a nice break, and i "break for bikram" occasionally. but spinning is just going to detract from your practice. and if you breathe correctly in your yoga practice, you won't need any additional "cardio". you CERTAINLY won't need any additional weight-bearing exercise. since i began a 5-6 day a week practice, my arms have been more ripped than they ever were when i was weight training, and i have lost at least 10 pounds (which was all i needed to lose to feel comfortable in my body and my practice).

Hang in there with the body issues stuff. Yoga will help sort it out.

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