Friday, October 07, 2005

Wonderful day

Getting enough sleep definitely helps. Practice was lovely this morning. Mademoiselle gave me some wonderful adjustments, and she let me get as far as I could in Mari C before giving me an assist. After she finished with me, I asked her if I could keep practicing Mari C for a while before I finished the rest of my practice (I wasn't sure because I have heard that this would not be permitted at some shalas). She asked me if Mari C was my last pose (!!!! If she had to ask....!!!), and I answered in the affirmative. So, yes, she said, go right ahead, enjoy. And I did. I stretched my sacro-iliac joint out a bit (I definitely think that is part of the problem), and I got back to Mari C. I did grip my fingers together on my good side eventually. But I was still just gripping my clothing on the not-as-good side.

Man, this is boring.

I have to admit, I gave all of my writing energy to revamping my web page, Downtown Uptown Yoga...not even going to link to it because it is SOOOO f-ed up right now. After all of my work, which I carefully saved, I might add, I went to pull it up from the link on this page, and all that came up was my "under construction" site. DAMN!!

I am getting very pissed off at Yahoo GeoCities. Maybe next week, I will have to call tech support on that.

Oh yeah, and I went to teach my first class through Bent on Learning today. It is a high school seniors yoga class at the NYC Lab School (a talented and gifted magnet school) in Chelsea. I have a teaching partner named Naomi. I met her, and we met the gym teachers and sat in an auditorium with the many gabby, slow-slung-pants-wearing students. But there was no time for a practice today - they couldn't even figure out who was supposed to be in class. So, next week is another chance....

I am sure I will revise this later so that it actually reads coherently. And I am sorry, but I can't speak any more about what is happening with Lou the Beagle or where and how I am going to get a new dog. I have done everything for Lou that I am capable of doing, which is A LOT, and you will just have to trust me on that. As for getting a new dog, I have many concerns, not just the boycott of puppy mills, but also the disappointment on the faces of my two sons, and that just scratches the surface. I have many options, and I will ultimately choose the one that is most beneficial and least damaging, as a whole, all things considered. I adore animals, had a rescue cat for many years, and I will do what is right. That's all I'm sayin'.


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