Saturday, October 08, 2005

Downtown Uptown Yoga

Well, some of my revisions to my main webpage have made it onto the web, but it seems to remain a work in progress. But for now, I do kind of like my sunflower motif. Stay tuned for further enhancements. But hopes should not be too high as Pagebuilder is a weak, weak platform. Basically, it is slow that it barely functions, and aside from that, it barely functions. It can't even successfully perform a simple cut and paste. As my mom would say, "DANG!"

(just mom wouldn't say "dang")



Susan said...

It sounds like your class is super similar to the vinyasa
class I go to. My teacher Lori has very similar taste in music.
I was just interested to find out if you have any reservations about teaching vinyasa flow after studying

yoga chickie said...

I don't really have reservations about teaching vinyasa, although I prefer Ashtanga for my own personal practice. I know that Ashtanga does not appeal to everyone, and if it doesn't appeal, then it won't become a daily practice. I wish I could turn everyone onto Ashtanga, but I know that won't happen.

All of which begs the do you feel about taking vinyasa classes despite also studying Ashtanga?

Susan said...

I am finding that I am not wanting to go to the flow class at all. I don't like the sequencing any more. I am finding I no longer enjoy the music.
My body just feels like I want to go through the primary series period.

But I understand your point. There is definitely
a reason to teach flow. I think a lot people think ashtanga is too hard and demanding a practice.

yoga chickie said...

I hear you...I feel like I am wasting good energy when I take a vinyasa class. That being said, I have to get my butt over to Yoga Sutra at some point to take a vinyasa class with David Hollander, the director of vinyasa. I hear incredibly things about his class, and I think it would be worth my "energy" to experience him firsthand.

Do you have Ashtanga classes available to you every day?


Susan said...

None. Just Weds evening led primary.
My flow teacher doesn't mind if I do what I want in class.
It's all levels so people do different variations.
I feel like an ass sometimes just busting out a primary practice though, but I do it sometimes.
I am going in early again tomorrow to
do primary. ALONE. How fun is that.
Not the same.
I think I am slowly going to phase out the vinyasa.
It's just hard because I love the sangha...
But when we move to Seattle I will have choices!

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